Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mental Snapshot: the Hug

A rainy night in a city that doesn't receive many visits from storm clouds.
         You, and me, and we're inside the house together with Raekwon playing in the back. May not be the most romantic track for a rainy night, but its just how we do things; not always by the book.
          Sitting on your counter with my drink in hand, you propped near me sippin, talkin', sippin a bit more. Our conversation is serious, spurring much thought in me. I start to ask a question...but you reach for me. Your kiss is heavy on your Coke and Bacardi, and then you hug me.
      It's one of those hugs where our arms couldn't be wrapped any more intimately, at least while standing up. At that very minute, we were on the same page, we held that hug slow. The symmetry it all had me feeling warm.       
     Immediately it was one of those moments I knew I was going to take a mental snapshot of. Not just for the picture it made, but for all 5 of my senses it touched.

Sight-Him. Black v-neck, Phillip Lim glasses, jeans, beat up Vans, and dreads. I see paint speckles on his hands.

Hearing- Raekwon playing off his computer, with rain smackin' on the rooftop and windows.

Touch- Him. His shoulders, his neck, his face.

Smell-The laundry detergent he uses, and a little Yves St. Laurent cologne.

Taste-Him. His kiss with the a liquor'd up beginning.

My memory will revel in that hug, even down the road, whether or not he's there.


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