Sunday, March 27, 2011


A full day with the family. For having a long Friday night, I'd say I look alright for Saturday.
Dalton, me, Sedona, London, her bf David, and the youngest, Willow is laying across our laps. I love my siblings to death, best kids I know!

And let's finish this post with a cute baby. Let me introduce my prima's baby, Hennessey. Yes, like the drink.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Since first class minds never believe anything strongly until they've experienced it..."
-F. Scott Fitzgerald in 'Dalyrimple Goes Wrong'

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

slope of the hips,
the long draping hair,
and big expressive eyes,

word game right,
jeans real tight,
and shit, she seems pretty kind too,

she can be real scatter-brained though,
she wears a geeky retainer at night,
and gets a tad quiet if she's feelin' self-conscious,

there will be this, but way more of that,
plenty of care and attention,
she got responsibilities to handle too,

but man, she's worth it.

Smitter Smatta

Smattering of different bizness down below...

1) Just bought this book today, I heard great things about it from my memoirs professor. I shouldn't have bought it, I got other things to attend to, but my fellow book fiends know if there is a piece of work you want to read, you'll snatch it up regardless. Right?

2) Better late than never, but I've discovered via Twitter how hilarious Jean Grae is! I mean Damn! Where have I been this whole time? She has a link for a blog, which she hasn't updated for a minute, but I read through her posts and this one made me laugh HARD.
The State of Eh, Chapter 8

"I am not a convenience! I am a PRIVILEGE!" I yelled.

This is, by far, one of my favorite sentences I have ever uttered. It would have been legendary, classic, echoed in the halls of relationship statements... had I not felt the need to add more shit to it and make it sarcastic.

Had I known then, what I know now and still refuse to implement.

Just shut up at the end of saying good shit. Put a fucking period on that shit. A cap. Don't be all BP about it. Yet, no. "

"Award worthy. It was the scene they would play when I was nominated. People would gasp, feeling moved. As they moved to the shots of the other actresses nominated, after I won, they would be crying...shaking their heads and slow clapping my brilliance.

"I am not a convenience! I am a PRIVILEGE!"
He stood there, wide eyed. Still. Eyes dropping to the floor as I dropped my hand. Went to reach out to me. I gave the "NO!" hand and backed up with the "NO!" finger. Complete with lip quivering and all.

Then...My sarcasm kicked in.See, what had just happened in my head, is that although I was SO serious about what I was saying... I mean, shit... this was a serious fucking argument. I meant it. I was just proud of myself for saying it the way I did.

Ok.. so.... I opened my stupid mouth and completely changed tones.

"...because.. If I was a CONVENIENCE.... do I... do I have a fucking neon sign on me? Do I look like I sell slurpees? I have fucking AISLES??? You think I stock motherfucking SLIM JIMS??? Am I open 24 hours for you? Do you want me to sell you a mother.....fucking...LOOSIE??? That's it? My name is BODEGA??? BODEGA? You see an awning??? The word SANDWICH is spelled incorrectly on me? Huh MOTHERFUCKER??? You want a turkey and cheese on a fucking hero??? You don't want mustard?? WHAT??? HUH? HUH? I'm a MART? Oh.. NOW I'M A FUCKING MART??? FUCK... YOU.."

See what I mean? She had me so weak. Read the rest of that post here.

3) What you know 'bout Oh Land. Her voice is breathtaking, listen to educate ya self.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Zevs drippity drips

Zevs drips have made me drip since the first time I viewed this piece of his in 2009.

Then I see his recent work from his solo show and I STILL get the damn tingles.

photo taken by the lovely Natalia of Meow

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mental Snapshot: the Hug

A rainy night in a city that doesn't receive many visits from storm clouds.
         You, and me, and we're inside the house together with Raekwon playing in the back. May not be the most romantic track for a rainy night, but its just how we do things; not always by the book.
          Sitting on your counter with my drink in hand, you propped near me sippin, talkin', sippin a bit more. Our conversation is serious, spurring much thought in me. I start to ask a question...but you reach for me. Your kiss is heavy on your Coke and Bacardi, and then you hug me.
      It's one of those hugs where our arms couldn't be wrapped any more intimately, at least while standing up. At that very minute, we were on the same page, we held that hug slow. The symmetry it all had me feeling warm.       
     Immediately it was one of those moments I knew I was going to take a mental snapshot of. Not just for the picture it made, but for all 5 of my senses it touched.

Sight-Him. Black v-neck, Phillip Lim glasses, jeans, beat up Vans, and dreads. I see paint speckles on his hands.

Hearing- Raekwon playing off his computer, with rain smackin' on the rooftop and windows.

Touch- Him. His shoulders, his neck, his face.

Smell-The laundry detergent he uses, and a little Yves St. Laurent cologne.

Taste-Him. His kiss with the a liquor'd up beginning.

My memory will revel in that hug, even down the road, whether or not he's there.