Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visuals 3

Chikita zgz, Zaragoza, Spain stand up. Interview coming to some pages near you.

Nikes in full effect. Ladies, you ever find that perfect shade of lipstick/lipstain and just want to wear it all the time? Yeaaaah.
Reading this now too, been on a Spanish literature kick lately. It's good to invest in books, remember that err'one.

         You know what I almost forgot about? One of the cooler things to go down in 2010 was meeting this legend right here, Tony Alva. Cool ass guy, real nice. Locals Only.

Mike Giant GUERRERO GALLERY from Jan Wayne Swayze on Vimeo.

I liked this little film, can't tell if Mike Giant is soft spoken or just..on another level. Ha. I've been down with collage work since I was a kid, so it's cool to see someone who's a known name get gallery space for that.


  1. You're always so fresh.

    Looking forward to the interview.

  2. damn mike giant is starting to really look like he should be living in the woods in montana somewhere...