Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's not

It's not because you dedicated Mos Def's 'The Beggar' to me. It's not because you gave me the super name, Rio Copenhagen, because you thought it was better than my real last name. It's not because you're one of few to call me by my first name, which I'm rarely comfortable with. It's not because you're one of the most eccentric but easily cool people I've ever met in my life. It's not because of how ridiculously sexy you look in glasses. It's not because we have the best pillow talk, always. It's not because we can usually meet in the middle, between your experiences and my wit.

You know what it is? Life delivered you and your presence during a key time when I needed some care and attention when not even my own blood could give it to me. I was in disaster mode, starting 2 years ago, and you just being you, soothed the pain.

That's what I'm attached to. That you were there for all of that. I'm not hopeless, jaded that I won't ever meet someone like you, or even just another. Because there is NO one else like you and there are others.

But I don't know how to just chalk it up to life's timings and...detach.

#willing to take advice

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  1. I am definitely not the best to give advice here, but I can tell you one thing. Balance: pain vs. pleasure. Balance being the key. It changes. That is guaranteed and it is completely up to you to decide where that balance lies.