Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I Have Issues, I Love F*cking Women."

I had just wrapped up watching a movie with the moms and London and had the urge to ask him if I was a color, what did he think I would be. Gay I know. But I knew when I asked, he'd come up with the best, most personal color for me because his knowledge of the palette is broad.
        BRANG, BRANG. Right before his voicemail pops up, he answers. Small talk, he's watching TV, a movie? "Oh cool...what are you..." and he abruptly cuts me off. "I'm busy...I... have a friend over." I'm hip to his tone of voice and at that moment, he could not have sounded any more artificial. "Well, ok, call me after?" As he starts to respond with an Ok, I hear a loud, indignant, and furious female voice exclaiming "Oh you're busyyyy? Oh you have a friend over???"
Cue Jazmine Sullivan's "Goin In Circles (Holding You Down)".

Fast forward to a heated arguement, you openly delivering admittance of your issues, the liquor finally loosened your tongue ; I shoulda kept a bottle of Johnnie Walker around.  From my heavy heart, shooting you questions dripped with anger and confusion. You remembered to not lie to me, to stop beating around the bush, to respect me with your honest answers. Ain't that some shit.

Any possibility of a future is only going take time. With you, it's been the most ridiculous contradiction and volley of titles. Lovers, to friends, to maybe lovers?

Let's see where time takes you. I know where it'll take me, but you, can't be sure.
Time enabled your bad habits. I hope this go around, time halts, hinders, and blocks to make way for your resolutions.

Maybe I'll be there to see it. Or maybe I won't.


  1. "Let's see where time takes you. I know where it'll take me, but you, can't be sure."

  2. oh rio.
    we gots some talking to do.

    phone/email/facebook chat/IM/

    lets go!