Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's Get Materialistic

I'm not a huge watch wearer, but for these... Ohhh Yes.

Swatch watch, called the BlueFlash. With certain pieces, I like classic, streamline styles. The pictured above applies.
Nixon, I'm always sweating their watches. Up above we got the all gold 42-20 Chrono. 500 bones. Um, late Christmas present anybody?

Alexander Toy makes only 99 of each bag from his website. The above is titled the 'Logan', made of vintage washed charcoal lambskin. How sexy is this bag, I have a bad habit of sticking to strictly big, black, purses. $695.

It's not

It's not because you dedicated Mos Def's 'The Beggar' to me. It's not because you gave me the super name, Rio Copenhagen, because you thought it was better than my real last name. It's not because you're one of few to call me by my first name, which I'm rarely comfortable with. It's not because you're one of the most eccentric but easily cool people I've ever met in my life. It's not because of how ridiculously sexy you look in glasses. It's not because we have the best pillow talk, always. It's not because we can usually meet in the middle, between your experiences and my wit.

You know what it is? Life delivered you and your presence during a key time when I needed some care and attention when not even my own blood could give it to me. I was in disaster mode, starting 2 years ago, and you just being you, soothed the pain.

That's what I'm attached to. That you were there for all of that. I'm not hopeless, jaded that I won't ever meet someone like you, or even just another. Because there is NO one else like you and there are others.

But I don't know how to just chalk it up to life's timings and...detach.

#willing to take advice

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

words 1

Learn a new word people. I've taken it upon myself to teach you some below, high school vocab style.

eked [eek]: to increase, enlargen, lengthen
That compliment that dude gave you eked your ego ridiculously. Calm down.

proletariat: the class of wage earners, the working class
The proletariats of society always have some humility embedded in them.

disingenuous: lacking in frankess, candor, or sincerity
A disingenuous attitude is the quickest way to turn me off.

amenable: ready or willing to answer, act, agree, or yield
"Girl, he was so quick to be amenable that I was suspicious."

extol: to praise highly
Never hurts to extol someone when the actions are deserving.

rancorous: malicious resentfulness or hostility
Ol' rancorous lookin ass, forget her.
Love me some Emilio Rojas and the song strikes me.

La Falsa Moneda-Concha Buika
This is what I like to think of a song you would hear in the background of an international shot in a Bond film, or a Bourne film. Some sexy scene. Soulful, Spanish jazz.

I'm Trying

I'm trying, I really am. This whole friends thing. But once you go past a certain point, you knock down that barricade, is something like that ever possible? I've seen it, I've done it, you've seen it, you've done it.

But, I don't usually hold silent grudges against my friends. I don't take shit too personal because I know it'll blow over. I don't wonder what's going on when I'm not around.

But, I pray for you just like I pray for my friends. You hear that? Yea, I pray for you. I give you a gift with just as much thought as I'd give to my girl. I ask you about your day with a sincere interest to simply just know.

Instead, I'ma start praying that I figure out my tipping point. And pray that your quest to be a better person keeps stepping forward.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"I Have Issues, I Love F*cking Women."

I had just wrapped up watching a movie with the moms and London and had the urge to ask him if I was a color, what did he think I would be. Gay I know. But I knew when I asked, he'd come up with the best, most personal color for me because his knowledge of the palette is broad.
        BRANG, BRANG. Right before his voicemail pops up, he answers. Small talk, he's watching TV, a movie? "Oh cool...what are you..." and he abruptly cuts me off. "I'm busy...I... have a friend over." I'm hip to his tone of voice and at that moment, he could not have sounded any more artificial. "Well, ok, call me after?" As he starts to respond with an Ok, I hear a loud, indignant, and furious female voice exclaiming "Oh you're busyyyy? Oh you have a friend over???"
Cue Jazmine Sullivan's "Goin In Circles (Holding You Down)".

Fast forward to a heated arguement, you openly delivering admittance of your issues, the liquor finally loosened your tongue ; I shoulda kept a bottle of Johnnie Walker around.  From my heavy heart, shooting you questions dripped with anger and confusion. You remembered to not lie to me, to stop beating around the bush, to respect me with your honest answers. Ain't that some shit.

Any possibility of a future is only going take time. With you, it's been the most ridiculous contradiction and volley of titles. Lovers, to friends, to maybe lovers?

Let's see where time takes you. I know where it'll take me, but you, can't be sure.
Time enabled your bad habits. I hope this go around, time halts, hinders, and blocks to make way for your resolutions.

Maybe I'll be there to see it. Or maybe I won't.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Well, let's meet up for a drink downtown, I think you'll like this one spot."

She's got her glass of red wine, I got my vodka/horchata/vanilla sugar rim drink in hand and we get settled into the plush couch. In no time at all, the conversation has turned into full coverage of the that one thing we can't live with but can't live without...males.
      The looming love of her life resides in Crenshaw. Mine, or my psuedo-would be luv, born and bred on the Westside. I'm wearing the leather jacket he got me last Christmas, nodding and smiling at her story about all the possibilities and differences with him. She wraps it up and starts asking about _____.
       Not even two sentences into my story, she stops me. "Rio, isn't that _____? Did he really just walk in?" I turn right around to catch HIM walking in, sneakered feet heading to the dim lit bar.  I immediately feel a little giddy, this would happen.
        After all, he took me here first on a date. I begin trying to speed up the details on his and I progress to her because this place is small, he's going to notice me real soon. I decide to finally send him a text, get his head swiveling for me.

"Nice grey hoodie...always liked that one."