Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Open letter to a Bad friend: (and I'm reluctant to ever use such a basic word, bad)

You were the unexpected surprise--- the generous, but covert bad friend. Your issues and person concerns ate up your ability to whole-heartedly be a good friend. Here are my list of offenses.
       First, you told me something that only worsened a very shocking situation. It did not offer any clarity, change anything,or make me feel better. If it did any of those things, this would be different. But in fact, it tore me up. Girlfriend, that is not called tact. I'm not strong, if at all, on 'ignorance is bliss' but that detail you gave me? Not necessary in the slightest.
            Two, a lesser offense, but you have to learn to trust/voice your gut intuitions. I would have appreciated you voicing one of those to me, since I always was proactive with this and it kept us out of much trouble. The one time you chose not to, it could have helped aid in a better end result. I do not blame you, but I hope after taking note of what damage you could have helped prevent, that you are better about this for yourself.
             Lastly, you left me, your friend who had recently suffered a sexual assault, alone with a guy I did not know, while I was in the early stages of trying to heal, SO you could go fuck his friend. I drove you, under false pretenses, and after the fact, you told me I could leave.
           That was the last straw, I could forgiven the other talk/lack thereof, but that was utmost selfishness, and to put it succintly, fuck a friend that would do that, knowing all that you knew.

**Sometimes I'm averse to how much I say/share on the internet, but I'm a writer and this is my blog, so damned if I don't write what I want to.

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