Saturday, October 16, 2010

kush mexi

Brianna is infinetly better than me at light writing. I'm not even going to bother posting what I tried my hand at. Practice makes perfect?
My brother and I were watching the movie 'Green Zone' with Matt Damon, you know, one of the many war movies/Middle East conflict depictions put out. They were mentioning friendly fire and he asked me if I knew what that meant. I said well no, sounds basic though and in all seriousness he says to me, "Rio, when they claim someone was killed by friendly fire, it really means the goverment had someone take them out."
Oh? Well, ok. Good to know? Pearls of wisdom served by Dalton.
Call me Squinty Mcquint up there, I make myself laugh. Probably make any viewers laugh too.

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