Thursday, September 30, 2010

On my mind:

You know what irritates me? When people try to put a front on like they all have it figured out. Especially at this age, in the 20s. I'm a mere 21, and I have only a portion of what the real deal is broken down. Grew up in a particular religion all my life, but I got questions and concerns. Figuring out how I view, love, and respect myself; or improve on these things. How to market and shape my craft. Figure out the bitches from the down broads. The guys that are quality from those that just aren't. Be a better, constantly evolving me. We should be figuring these things out, it's supposed to be that way.
     However, more power to you if you have things worked out, bulleted, and understood better than the rest of us. Really, I mean that honestly. But for you, I hope you still get shitted on, schooled, caught up because you know why? That's what will help you progress or just consolidate what you already know. Then that's, THAT is when you have truly earned your spot. People go through this all through their 20s, and they say in the 30s you're sittin better, but between you and me, I see it going on at all ages.
        I think its just about always taking what you learn and shaping the shit out of it as you walk along. I been between a rock and hard place more than a few times already this year, and I'm trying to be patient with myself to work it out. And there's no one harder on me than myself.

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