Monday, August 9, 2010

school Ya, version 1

school Ya:

1)  According to Global Post, the former Mexican president Vicente Fox supports the legalization of drugs as a combatant to the drug wars raging in Mexico. Claiming "Legalization does not mean that drugs are good ... but we have to see (legalization of the production, sale and distribution of drugs) as a strategy to weaken and break the economic system that allows cartels to earn huge profits," Fox wrote in a posting over the weekend."  I hear what he's saying in a sense, here in America during the early 1900s, the Prohibition only worked for so long. I'm interested to know the details on this; Mary Jane may be one thing, but coke and amphetamines be damned.

2) In Afghanistan, the Taliban placed utmost importance on the burqa because it was believed a woman's face was considered a source of corruption to men unrelated to them. Damn, why it gotta be like that?! What do they make of uncles, fathers, brothers, who molest their female family members? Yea, that's what I thought.

3) check out NY mc The Illz, reading the blog of the ladies from YFT put me on. Good lookin dude, but good soundin flows. If you like Emilio Rojas, you'll probably dig this dude.

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