Monday, August 23, 2010

Jetsonorama, bringin art to new areas

There is an older cat up in northern Arizona by the name of Jetsonorama who is steadily bring a new vibe to his area by wheatpasting at various spots dotting his environment. He works as the resident doctor on the Navajo reservation but during his downtime, photographs and pastes pictures of the locals, bringing an entirely new element of art to people who find this type of thing very foreign to them. His work has garned him attention on prominent street art sites, such as Unurth and Juxtapoz.
I had the pleasure of doing a phone interview with him earlier this year and I must say to date, it was one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had the pleasure of participating in. Open, engaging, with many a story. A writer couldn't ask for more from an interviewee.

For the females, by the females

Besides blogs that are run for females by females, I have to give it to the brands that are male inclined, but still show love to the girls. 2 strong examples, the Meow from The Hundreds and a recent startup of a female voice, Lady 8ers on the Rebel 8 blog. They are fuckin holding it down, and I love the photos they post.

Up's ladies, for puttin in your tastes and point of views.

brain $cramble:

What do you do when your lips don't maintain the articulation of your thoughts? We all have times when more moments of raw honesty slip out than usual.  That's when I curse my muthalovin' mind for not being on top of things like I normally am...but...I had an important person make a comment recently that I seem to say the most when I don't intend to. Well isn't that a problem then, considering I like to mean what I say and say what I mean.
         Throwing the 'In Construction' sign up on that one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

conversation snippets

S: “Naw, if Ima get my dick sucked, I want it to be because the right bitches recognize my talent.”

Me: “Oh, not because you’re cute?”
S: “No, that can happen any time, for any one, I want to be on another level now. It’ll mean more.”

Damn, the things some people say. Never fails to get a laugh outta me.

In regards to our conservative-tastes inclined mother (meaning no liking for caffeine or alcohol, my sister commented: “Oh she gave you a hard time for getting coffee? Next time just tell her you’ll grab a beer.”

Monday, August 9, 2010

school Ya, version 1

school Ya:

1)  According to Global Post, the former Mexican president Vicente Fox supports the legalization of drugs as a combatant to the drug wars raging in Mexico. Claiming "Legalization does not mean that drugs are good ... but we have to see (legalization of the production, sale and distribution of drugs) as a strategy to weaken and break the economic system that allows cartels to earn huge profits," Fox wrote in a posting over the weekend."  I hear what he's saying in a sense, here in America during the early 1900s, the Prohibition only worked for so long. I'm interested to know the details on this; Mary Jane may be one thing, but coke and amphetamines be damned.

2) In Afghanistan, the Taliban placed utmost importance on the burqa because it was believed a woman's face was considered a source of corruption to men unrelated to them. Damn, why it gotta be like that?! What do they make of uncles, fathers, brothers, who molest their female family members? Yea, that's what I thought.

3) check out NY mc The Illz, reading the blog of the ladies from YFT put me on. Good lookin dude, but good soundin flows. If you like Emilio Rojas, you'll probably dig this dude.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mexican shit. I put on for my...background. Ha.

 (photos via Mex and the City)

Ambitious girl, I won't forget you

Saw this over on senorita Abi, who's blog I read quite frequently, and I couldn't resist re-posting, lol. Not without due credit of course.

This spurned some thought., glad to know there are men out there that can fully appreciate this quality in a female. Ambition scares some, makes a dude realize this girl might be more than him. And you know what? She very well might be. So do likewise, pick up some ambition and DO SOMETHING. We wanna see something else in you too before we invest in you.

"The worker, she worth it."