Monday, July 5, 2010


I saw a small sidebar on this organization called Skateistan. Did some reading on it and I'm real impressed with what they do and how they go about it.
           Skateistan is a co-educational skate school based in Kabul, Afghanistan that began with Australian skaters Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan. Children in Kabul were eager to learn to skate, so Percovich and Nolan stretched three boards and taught a group of kids. From there, the idea emerged to give the kids a chance to learn something that will help them 'transcend social barriers' and give them something positive despite the strife that may surround them.
(Afghan children hold their skateboards as they wait in line to take part in a skateboarding competition at Skateistan, a co-educational skateboarding school in Kabul on June 21, 2010. (REUTERS/Omar Sobhani) Big Picture Boston

If I knew how to do anything more than push wood, I'd volunteer in a heartbeat. They include both the boys and the girls, it's so cute to see the little girls wear the headscarves with the helmet over it, there's some ethnic differences for you.

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