Tuesday, July 20, 2010

brain $crambles

Brain $crambles

1. Inception, that flick will make you think! See it if you haven't. Get your money's worth from Hollywood for once.

2. I've been forced to re-route my plans for school in the fall. Was given my second choice, not first, so I'm gonna play shit smart. Meaning: bide my time, do what needs to be done, and not sweat that it didn't come first.

3. My unconventional taste has brought me a treat I haven't had in a while. Mmm Mmm.

4. Hello SF come August!

5. I need to discuss it with the esposa, but I'd like to get a trip in the works to London.

6. You need to know if you're gonna be a good friend, cool coworker, or someone trying to spit some game at me; make me think something new, teach me something, school me on something. You'll either continue to add to the great opinion I already have of you or you gained mad brownie points.

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