Saturday, June 12, 2010

variety #1

Patrick Martinez piece, made with Lucas chile sucker wrappers&painted bullets. Titled 'HotLead'. My kind of art.

Mis ojos. Ignore the slightly dark circles, it had been a long night.

the hipster stache, the sancho, the Fu Manchu.

Ptown down, ha. Taken by Bri.

I liked Tony Montana's right hand man Manny Ribera alot more than I liked him. The fact that he tried to pick up women flicking his tongue at them (made me wonder what it was capable of, ha) and had heart was good in my book.

Quote from my new fave blog, the blog of Sky Gellatly, journalist and PR head, among other things:
"Sometimes the only validation that you need is knowing—that they know. An then of course, knowing that they know, that you know too. Vindication, especially when the most personal, that’s shared in total privacy, can have the magnitude of a thousand screams."

Building in Tapei that was Krink'd up by the man himself. I feel those colors.

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