Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Statement in the form of a fitted

Woke up today to a nice update from Known Gallery on the latest drop from Patrick Martinez and to keep it succint, I FUCKIN love it.
     Martinez designed a fitted hat as his newest work, entitled 'Arizona Wetbacks'. If you take a look, he re-designed the logo of Arizona baseball team the Diamondbacks. The large funding the baseball team is giving Senate Bill 1070 fueled Martinez to create a piece and he designed a hat for each of the 3 (there's only 3 Latin guys on AZ's team? That, I did not know) players who are of Latin descent; Juan Guitterez, Gerado Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez.

"I re-named the team with the racist inspired name Arizona Wetbacks because I believe it's more of a fit based on the racist actions the owners are taking with the SB1070 bill which they are helping to advance.I created three hats for the three players on the diamondbacks of latin decent (Juan Guitterez, Gerardo Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez) that will be celebrated on the field then asked for their papers when they leave it." -Martinez

The hat also comes in brown and grey. I am appreciative of the attention he spent on detail. Making the back of the hat look like it has sweat stains from a Mexican working hard in the sun?! The Mexican blanket detailing underneath the bill?!
"This bill is a step backwards in terms of progression. It is also a giant slap in the face to the many people that fought for equal rights in the past as well as the present. The SB1070 law has the feeling of the beginning stages of apartheid.This bill should be stopped. Arizona is down with the brown, fo-real." -Martinez

I want one, badly. I can only hope Martinez chooses to release them, limited edition or a drop of 50 or something. Wearing a statement piece, that appeals to me.


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