Sunday, May 2, 2010

Death Valley & 24 Hr Brothels

Everyone has their artists, photographers, creators who's work you follow. There's a few photographers whose style and content never gets old to me ( Keegan Gibbs, he's one) but Mike Piscitelli is another great one who I keep up with.

        Recently, I caught an interview he did for an Australian mag, The Blackmail and the content was unique. Piscitelli is in the habit of wandering with his camera, leaving with nothing and like the article said, coming back with something he didn't previously have.
       He chose to wander Death Valley with a friend, and along with the barren landscape, came across a pleathora of 24 hour brothels. Say wha?
“So we snapped some photos and kept driving down this road to nowhere and there was this compound of brothels. After the third one we got some balls and went and knocked on the door, it was about 10am, and this lady let us and showed us around and then lined up all these women. Then she asked us which one we wanted so I said we’re going to talk about this outside and then we took off.”

Check the article, it's a good read. The writer did a solid job.

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