Tuesday, May 25, 2010

be a palm tree

What I learned today. . .
      The palm tree is one of the strongest trees that exist. Why? The palm tree is flexible, during a hurricane, through a wind storm, they bend. They can bend all the way to the ground and not break. That's why they maintain and flourish so well in coastal regions. Not to say that they've never broke, but they weather damage very well. Versus a strong, sturdy oak tree. While an oak maybe be sturdy, it could not weather what a palm tree can.
      So at the risk of sounding cliche, be a palm tree. Weather your own hurricane, weather the winds, and while you strain to bend and wonder how you'll whip back into standing tall; just remember, palm trees don't break. You won't break. You'll come back from the face first view of the ground.

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