Thursday, April 1, 2010

You know me.

Man I fell off for a minute with my preciosa blog. And another important blog,, but I'm coming back! Was/Is hustling with some real writing/journalism.

But I feel the need to discuss a certain simple comment that was made to me yesterday, and its been stuck in my mind all day today.

"Yea, well, you know me."---ME
 "This is true, I do know you."---HIM

While that comment was meant casually, I'm sure, it just got my wheels turning. Yea I believe he does know me, I'm just wondering  as to what depth. I mean, its been a year and a half. Of us doing what we do. A semblance of something, but not really. There are some things he knows. Yea I have two freckles in my left eye, I enjoy reading a lot, that there's nothing more that I like than a well-constructed sentence, to turn the heater on if I come over because I get cold feet. Things in that streamline, I'm sure. I don't doubt that.
          Those are more surface facts, and surface anything only works for so long. At least for the men/women that value more substance to their relationships, friendships, etc.
       I'm observant, so I gurantee suga that I've picked up a lot on you. You though, observant at times, details don't stick to you like they stick to me.
       I've had an attitude of complaceny with what we been doing, complacent to a fault. At the begginning I thought it was best, and now I see this being a hole thats going to take a while to get out of.

You just called. I think I'm coming over.
Naw, not tonight.
Sticking to me, myself, and I this round.

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