Friday, April 9, 2010

New Insa

Yo Insa, I just want to know, what is the method to your madness? Ever consistent with one hell of a banger installation, your style and choice of color scheme makes me hot all over.

          Peep his newest, "Success Somewhere Between Two Golden Sphincters" (ha, sense of humor I see)
 Consisting of: 3 walls, a floor, a ceiling, spraypaint, a naked woman, and baby oil- London, 2010.

PS. Is it just me, or do the golden sphincters remind you of some gold rope jewelry from, persay, Cubannie Links? No disrespect Annie! Just a similarity I'm seeing! Ha.
PPS. Thanks for keeping me up on game  Clout, that's why you're one of my favorites.

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