Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keep it 100 with the pictures n paint

Just your regular Tuesday steez. Lol. Naw, there was a spot with the homie BREZ's work, along with a fave of mine, Lalo Cota's work, that we wanted photos for. Stoked I did her right with the photo I took, I'm an asset when we go shooting, not just the subject.
Then we were so nicely invited to check out the backyard spot of Hoodride! I've posted up once or twice with people who frequent this spot, but it was nice to see what else is there. Couches, paint, and bikes. Laid back ambiance. Can't beat that.

We took more photos, but I don't wanna reveal 'em too soon. All good things come in time, isn't that what they say? Then I ended the night with the motherload of all downloads of music. "They better not come knocking at my door saying 'YOU, YOU WITH ALL THE GHOSTFACE DOWNLOADS'"... calm down JoyJoy. ha.


  1. daaang, dope graffs and all. i'm on the d.l. jealous of this spot. hahaha

  2. nice photos missy! What camera do you use? so clear and everything. and i agree with the above, how sick would that place be for shoots hey :)