Saturday, January 2, 2010

phx= Lalo Cota

There's an artist here in Phoenix who's work I'm dying to snatch up sometime in the near future, Lalo Cota. Bright colors, bold shapes, and all Latino-oriented, but with his own twist on things. A skeleton Jesus? I'm with it.

Alley painted by my new homie Brez and Lalo, over on 5th St and Roosevelt. Brez and his intricate work. Here in Phoenix you see either one of these styles and you know who it is. Yeeeeeeeea boy.


  1. I really like this artwork. Very original. Cool.

  2. I saw his work at first fridays, he is really dope

  3. I LOVE IT!! girl, i like this blog, what have i been missing!? lol.

    thanks for following tasteless diamonds. [=

    <3 damnit-kia of