Tuesday, January 19, 2010

M.I.S.S. Paper Doll favorites

I sincerely wish, in cases like this, that I was located in places where events like the M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls show pop off.
       Shown at the Fifty24LA Gallery, and seeing the event pics, I'm mad jealous I wasn't there! I browsed the pictures, and every contributing artist did a great job, but these are definetly my favorites.

Done by Mitsy Avila Ovalles, she's been a favorite of mine for a minute, I've posted on her before.

Yo Insa, let me get like you. I like the variety of the wedding dress, apron, stripper bodysuit, and graduation gown.

Amanda Lopez, Yeeeeee. Feeling this.

M.I.S.S. did an amazing job from what I see with this event! Sad I missed out.

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