Tuesday, January 19, 2010

M.I.S.S. Paper Doll favorites

I sincerely wish, in cases like this, that I was located in places where events like the M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls show pop off.
       Shown at the Fifty24LA Gallery, and seeing the event pics, I'm mad jealous I wasn't there! I browsed the pictures, and every contributing artist did a great job, but these are definetly my favorites.

Done by Mitsy Avila Ovalles, she's been a favorite of mine for a minute, I've posted on her before.

Yo Insa, let me get like you. I like the variety of the wedding dress, apron, stripper bodysuit, and graduation gown.

Amanda Lopez, Yeeeeee. Feeling this.

M.I.S.S. did an amazing job from what I see with this event! Sad I missed out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

confessional moment

Confessional moment-

Each day is a great day, because I'll think and ponder on more things than yesterday, and new realizations and 'aha' moments come through. So here's today's.

I will admit I am completely and have thoroughly had an erratic attitude to my approach when it comes to guys. It didn't always used to be like this, really, it didn't.
      However, there would be moments, guys, or 'situations' as I like to call them (Heard T.I. use that in an interview with Chelsea Handler, loved it.) that seemed real solid. They were gonna go somewhere, I could feel it, and moreover, their actions showed it.
       But then my situations would cut themselves short, they would show all-over-the-map behavior, and I just didn't know what the fuck it meant.

This has been an ongoing pattern for a real long time now, longer than I'd like to admit. While it's easy to want to blame my outlook on the attitudes that were directed at me, can't do that. I've allowed myself that moment to do that. I need to get out of this, but I just don't know how to break the pattern.

At least tonight I'm going to show consistency, everything is going to match up. Words, actions, meanings. Day at a time right?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

photographer of the week: Gary Winograd

Interesting photo isn't it? The baby Chimpanzees being carried like well, their own children? This was taken in 1967, I need to find out the story behind this photo.

Garry Winograd is considered to be one of the American masters of photography, right up next to Richard Avedon. He liked movement, wide angle lenses, and Leica cameras.

I liked this shot, the baby, the bike in the driveway, rolling clouds behind the mountains. This was taken in New Mexico.

Garry Winogrand died of cancer at age 56 in 1984 and left over 2,500 rolls of undeveloped film, 6,500 rolls of processed film, 3,000 rolls of contact sheets that evidently hadn't been looked at--a total of 12,000 rolls, or 432,000 photos Winogrand took but never saw.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phx graffiti, come and get it

Phoenix graffiti right here, that's what's good. Production wall done by Sinek Wa Fact, Serp fly id, York pfe, and Blame pfe. It's Alice in Wonderland, same theme as the Tim Burton flick about to come out, with the dark and creepy feel to it.
The homie Sinek invited me to check it out in it's begginning stages, and seeing the finished product, this shit is cleannnn.



If you're in the Phx area, check it out, 44th ave and Indian School. Behind a chicken eatery joint, bright yellow, can't miss it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where you're from, where you coulda came from


Some people forget where they came from. Some people never forget where they came from. And some people don't realize where they COULD have came from. How easy they have it, how much nicer and safer they have it.
It's easy to forget, and while I'm not claiming I always am aware of how great I have it, that's why I keep this bracelet hanging from my wrist. Being from a bordertown, naturally I have seen what exists on the other side of that divided line. While journeying farther south it fluctuates from bad to good all over MX, I'm fortunate to be from the side that I'm on.

Besides have pride for what is part of me, that bracelet also serves as a reminder.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

phx= Lalo Cota

There's an artist here in Phoenix who's work I'm dying to snatch up sometime in the near future, Lalo Cota. Bright colors, bold shapes, and all Latino-oriented, but with his own twist on things. A skeleton Jesus? I'm with it.

Alley painted by my new homie Brez and Lalo, over on 5th St and Roosevelt. Brez and his intricate work. Here in Phoenix you see either one of these styles and you know who it is. Yeeeeeeeea boy.

random enV pics

New Years with Joy; a set of paintings by Lalo Cota that I REALLY wanted. side ways result of not being able to rotate my shit, hah