Tuesday, December 29, 2009

en mi cabeza

(photo: Unurth)
I swear, my mind is erratic. I have so many thoughts, mental tangents, that I just don't know how to organize! And this correlates to other, if not all, parts of my life. It's somewhat a miracle I get through half of what I do, and this is on a daily basis. I'm talking outside the basics of showering, getting dressed, eating, and all that bullshit.
Weirdly enough, I know I'll get where I need to go. I'll get it done. Always do, and sometimes better late than never.
I process too much on the daily, and I don't know what to do with it. A advisor/mentor on campus once told me that this is common for people who are right-brain thinkers. I have a tendency to look at the 'whole picture' first then work backwards to put that picture together.

Not being able to organize mentally better drives me crazy though. But there are things I'm always going to be sure of and things I come to be sure of.

Like you, BH., no you may not come visit me here in Phx. Bad idea.
And AMT, I'm wising up when it comes to you, watch it.

But what I'm sure of is 2010, you're gonna be a good year. Compared to 09, any chance at some new anything and everything, it's gonna do much for me.

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