Monday, November 9, 2009

wknd recap

This weekend was pretty dope, if I do say so myself. It wasn't so much as what I did that made it dope, it's the people I was with.
Friday night, Sammie, London, and her bf Dom headed downtown to check out the one event of some semblance of culture Phx don't sound bitter at all...
Sam and I checked out this skate deck art show going on at After Hours gallery, we both bid on a board we liked, the proceeds go to Autism, how can you not get down with that?!?

This is the board I bid on, done by an artist named Lorna Shaw. Very feminine, but minimalistic. I wantttttttt it. Any Phx dwellers should go check it out, the site is All Decks On Hand.

A certain somebody I know did this board, pretty fun, I like the purple on it.
I bought the dopest Miles Davis vinyl, Sketches of Spain, the music on it is wonderful. And It was there last time I went into Revolver Records, so I took it as a sign to buy the album. Lol.

Me and Sammie baby,,, she got a night off on her own while the baby daddy watched their wonderful baby Shea.

Met some new people that night ;) Was a very pleasant encounter, post up and chop it up with some new faces. Love making new...male friends. ;)

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