Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NYC man talks sex, females, and feelings, whats not to love?!

Reading the good men of Mad Decent's blog, they threw up a post about a friend of their's and his blog.

Boys Life NYC is a blog of a 31 year old, single male in NYC who still gets down on a skate board and happens to show himself to be pretty witty. He chronicles sex, relationships, and even admits his FEELINGS. It happens to be my newest addiction, to the point where I've noticed he has not updated in a few! I'm getting anxious suga! Anyways, check out the excerpt below, maybe that will sell you on it...

"Nothing is more unattractive than a girl starved for male attention.  That girl working the room sitting on everybody lap, dancing, getting a little too drunk.  More than one of my friends has slept with her.  Maybe I want her for the night.  She’ll be good in bed for sure.  We’ll keep our talk light nothing deep, hopefully parting ways before sunrise.  She’s fun and cool, but that’s not wifey.  Wifey is different.  My dream girl does not flirt openly with men.  She is closed off to all but me.  Well all but me and a few of her gay friends.  I don’t have to worry about her giving the wrong idea to some lame dude.  Any random that hits on her she pushes away with a nasty look or even a snippy comment.  I need to know that she is faithful to me and only me.  The fight I put up to win her is testament to her loyalty.  She was so indifferent at first cold and dismissive.  Slowly over time I break her down.  Maybe it’s my passion for work, or my  successes, or just my witty charm and good looks."

Just check out his blog, it's worth it.