Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mmmm boy

 If you know what's up, I'm sure it's safe to assume you've seen the Vanity Fair shots of Robert Pattinson. These flicks above? They are the fuckin business let me tell you. That last shot with the untucked white button up, dark wash jeans, and cigarette? While he's lookin all rakish and handsome? MMMMMM.

Sorry, I was watching the Hills tonight online, and man, as sketchy as he is, I love me some Justin Bobby. While I still admired him in his scrub, long hair stage, the short hair is so much better. The dark hair paired with the light eyes gets me err time. And how's the bird in the last picture? She's gawjus.

Just a fluffy post today kids, not too much substance to this once.! LOL.


  1. Justin bobby scruffy long haired perfection. rpatzz scruffy mid length haired perfection.

  2. can't lie. justin bobby is an amazing eye candy. as for mr. patzz, idk. my vote goes to vampire diaries' Damon. mMm that boy!

  3. JB is so freaking sexy!! Like, weekly boner status, sexy.

  4. god justin bobby is such a douche. but unfortunately a HOT one lol. and yes, the lady in that last flic is just as gorgeous as he is.