Sunday, November 15, 2009

Books, who reads 'em?

Let's do a book review! Or, preview I should say. I have this habit of posting up in the bookstore for hours on end (does this make me a geek? Well, whatever, I don't give a shit) and reading books so I don't have to buy them. So sue me, I'm a broke ass college student and the last thing I can afford is books. But doesn't mean I don't love them.
           So here's what was on my table... stimulate my eyes and not just my mind...

Damn would you look at that! Ed Westwick, how did you sneak in my stack like that. Let's just take a second, and admire shall we?

He's no Nate Archibald, but I like him. Chuck, I mean Ed, he's an interesting one. Reminscent of Joaquin Phoenix a bit, wouldn't you say? Anyways...

1) The Tao of the Wu, I've read half of it. A sort of follow up to the Wu-Tang Manual. It is a book that is on POINT. RZA interweaves his autobiography with the lessons and philosophical ideas he's learned over his years. He maintains a very humble point of view though and as a reader, this appealed to me, because man, we all know about the Wu and RZA is huge.

"The art of listening: A man thinks seven times before he speaks. It's harder to make the glass than break the glass." -the Tao, pg. 18

Just stop and think about that quote for a minute, then you'll get it. If you don't, follow up with me and I'll explain. 

2) The Science of Fear takes a look at the culture of fear behind man, any and every man of every kind. We are a long lasting generation and we are more than capable of using reason, but instead, we have a tendency to rely on quick snap judgement. Talks bout the misuse and misunderstanding of statistics and how the media creates unnecessary fear. I promise though, it's read-able and you'll learn and reevaluate what the hell it is you're scared of yourself.

For example, after 9/11, predominantly in the U.S., after witnessing such a horrific event, many people, understandably made the switch from planes to cars. People were scared after that, how could they not be? Yet, still, the chances of dying in a plane crash, much less a hijacked plane, are about 1-135,000 compared to dying via car crash.A expert, shown in The Science of Fear, gathered data and found out a year after 9/11, 1595 people died car crash, which is more than half of the 3000 people that were killed in 9/11. This was shown to be 'unreasoning fear'. These stats kinda wow'd me.

My family and I flew about 8 months after 9/11 and the reason why we didn't have TOO much fear, you could say is in large part thanks to my dad. My old man is a jet mechanic, and he reassured us that even after such an event, while it was important to be cautious and aware, we were STILL safe to travel by plane.

So get out there and pick up a book err'body, learning something new is all the rage. Or at least it should be.


  1. good looks on the books. AHAHAH i'm rhyming, oh shit! i might just have to camp in my local borders thanks to you, adding in drool dates on them tatted boys in the magazine stand. =]

  2. love these book reviews! i will definitely check both of them out... i hang out in bookstores as well ;)