Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NYC man talks sex, females, and feelings, whats not to love?!

Reading the good men of Mad Decent's blog, they threw up a post about a friend of their's and his blog.

Boys Life NYC is a blog of a 31 year old, single male in NYC who still gets down on a skate board and happens to show himself to be pretty witty. He chronicles sex, relationships, and even admits his FEELINGS. It happens to be my newest addiction, to the point where I've noticed he has not updated in a few! I'm getting anxious suga! Anyways, check out the excerpt below, maybe that will sell you on it...

"Nothing is more unattractive than a girl starved for male attention.  That girl working the room sitting on everybody lap, dancing, getting a little too drunk.  More than one of my friends has slept with her.  Maybe I want her for the night.  She’ll be good in bed for sure.  We’ll keep our talk light nothing deep, hopefully parting ways before sunrise.  She’s fun and cool, but that’s not wifey.  Wifey is different.  My dream girl does not flirt openly with men.  She is closed off to all but me.  Well all but me and a few of her gay friends.  I don’t have to worry about her giving the wrong idea to some lame dude.  Any random that hits on her she pushes away with a nasty look or even a snippy comment.  I need to know that she is faithful to me and only me.  The fight I put up to win her is testament to her loyalty.  She was so indifferent at first cold and dismissive.  Slowly over time I break her down.  Maybe it’s my passion for work, or my  successes, or just my witty charm and good looks."

Just check out his blog, it's worth it. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I wanna be incendiary too man.!"

"I wanna be incendiary too man!"

Name that movie? Okay it's one of my favorites.

Penny Lane had such mystique, all female watchers could stand to learn a thing or two from that, but how she lies her heart out there for Russel is so damn earnest. And this long hair craze, haha, it has me weak, but it works! Que no?

And this is particularly relevant because I had the pleasure of meeting old head and legend Tony Alva himself this weekend...

I wanted to eat all 3 of them up. This movie has such good vibes to it. Lords of Dogtown, all day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

S is for Survivor

I told myself that if I just so happened to place in a writing contest I entered, that I'd throw up the entry. Not so much to toot my own horn necessarily, but because I felt that maybe, just maybe, it'd be an important one to throw out there. There's a purpose to this piece. I entered the creative non-fiction category. Read on if you're interested...

Like Clockwork

At 1:50 P.M every Monday, a beat up Hyundai Elantra steadily makes its way to a pair of brown buildings on the east side of Tempe.
She sighs heavily; she’s made it just in time for her 2 o’clock appointment. She gets out of the car and adjusts her aviator sunglasses; she would prefer if no one got a good look at her eyes. They would give a lot away.

On the way out of the appointment, each week like clockwork, the first girl passes a second girl. They edge past each other easily, but for how young they are; there is not bounce to their step. Both girls look a lot alike, long dark hair, deep-set dark eyes, and similar height. They share much more than just physical qualities, they share a purpose for being in the same place every Monday afternoon.
The sun glints off the glass door as she shuts it behind her. She turns to look at the sign mounted on the door, “A safe haven for the survivors of sexual crimes.”
It was just a few hours spent at a party over Thanksgiving weekend, I am often floored that what transpired in those few hours would turn my life upside down for the next eleven months.
There is a question that is clearly reflected in both young women’s eyes as they pass another and offer half smiles.
The first girl asked with her eyes, “How much have you suffered like I’ve suffered?” The second girl responded with a pointed look that seemed to say it all. “I’ve suffered a lot, and I know you have too.”
Since that dark and hurtful incident, I have questioned much of what I’ve done. My thoughts, my decisions, my interactions, the intentions of others, anything that could be questioned are and were questioned. A lack of trust in myself is where I have suffered most.
There is a stigma that most males, and even a large number of females have in their mind that a victim of rape ‘must have been asking for it.’ That female was advertising her cleavage, this female was drinking shots of tequila, and the list goes on. Me? I was wearing a zip-up hoodie and skinny jeans. I believed myself to be drinking amongst friends, so I did let loose a bit more than normal. No victim asks for ‘it’, those who believe so are sadly mistaken.
There is an irony to what happened to me, that holiday weekend was going to be my last period of drinking for a few months. I had plans to go into a ‘dry season’. I wasn’t an avid party girl. That’s another misconception, that it is the party girl that gets raped. No, not true, I was the laid-back girl that preferred going to art walks and coffee shops that was caught in the wrong place this time.
Both girls pass each other like clockwork, and while their eyes may have said one thing to each other, they both made a point to walk tall and upright past each other. It was always in both girls’ minds that how tall they could walk past another that week was a progress report of their resilience.

I didn't post this up here for sympathy, I don't need your pity, and if you look at me differently now, well, that's too damn bad. I wrote this for awareness. I know too many girls that didn't have it in 'em to say shit about what happened to them. Perhaps they had no outlet for the pain and numbness, or a friend to confide in, or family to back them up, or they were just ashamed. I have seen beautiful friends suffer and it really tore me up, watching as an outside third party, I would see imperceptible changes occur. They would get lost, lose sight of things, themselves, their goals, and most importantly, their worth.
            I have felt all these emotions and ten times that, but what I saw ultimately served as an example as what I did not want to do. I didn't have the time or desire to get lost, if I could help it, I wanted to reach for more for myself and get myself the help and support that I needed.
         As of next Friday, Black Friday (interesting irony huh?), it will have been a year since I climbed out of the dark hole I was pushed in and I can say wholeheartedly, I'm doing a lot better. It's left its mark, no doubt about that, but my end goal is to not let this occurrence define who I am, for it to be something that, simply stated, is a thing of the past. It broke me for a while, but I am repairing myself.
     Real talk,  I told myself if I won, that I wanted my experience to help educate someone else and create awareness. It was the whole purpose for writing what I did, along with release for me. It gets easier to talk about what happened and I took a risk with this, but I felt that in the end it could be worth it.

Because if this has ever been you, I promise you, you do not have the scarlet letter V, for victim, branded on you. You have an S on you, for sobreviviente, or in English, survivor. S is for survivor. You're not alone. Know this.

P.s. Thank you Kayta, for cementing my decision with this. You're the best.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Books, who reads 'em?

Let's do a book review! Or, preview I should say. I have this habit of posting up in the bookstore for hours on end (does this make me a geek? Well, whatever, I don't give a shit) and reading books so I don't have to buy them. So sue me, I'm a broke ass college student and the last thing I can afford is books. But doesn't mean I don't love them.
           So here's what was on my table...

Andddddd....to stimulate my eyes and not just my mind...

Damn would you look at that! Ed Westwick, how did you sneak in my stack like that. Let's just take a second, and admire shall we?

He's no Nate Archibald, but I like him. Chuck, I mean Ed, he's an interesting one. Reminscent of Joaquin Phoenix a bit, wouldn't you say? Anyways...

1) The Tao of the Wu, I've read half of it. A sort of follow up to the Wu-Tang Manual. It is a book that is on POINT. RZA interweaves his autobiography with the lessons and philosophical ideas he's learned over his years. He maintains a very humble point of view though and as a reader, this appealed to me, because man, we all know about the Wu and RZA is huge.

"The art of listening: A man thinks seven times before he speaks. It's harder to make the glass than break the glass." -the Tao, pg. 18

Just stop and think about that quote for a minute, then you'll get it. If you don't, follow up with me and I'll explain. 

2) The Science of Fear takes a look at the culture of fear behind man, any and every man of every kind. We are a long lasting generation and we are more than capable of using reason, but instead, we have a tendency to rely on quick snap judgement. Talks bout the misuse and misunderstanding of statistics and how the media creates unnecessary fear. I promise though, it's read-able and you'll learn and reevaluate what the hell it is you're scared of yourself.

For example, after 9/11, predominantly in the U.S., after witnessing such a horrific event, many people, understandably made the switch from planes to cars. People were scared after that, how could they not be? Yet, still, the chances of dying in a plane crash, much less a hijacked plane, are about 1-135,000 compared to dying via car crash.A expert, shown in The Science of Fear, gathered data and found out a year after 9/11, 1595 people died car crash, which is more than half of the 3000 people that were killed in 9/11. This was shown to be 'unreasoning fear'. These stats kinda wow'd me.

My family and I flew about 8 months after 9/11 and the reason why we didn't have TOO much fear, you could say is in large part thanks to my dad. My old man is a jet mechanic, and he reassured us that even after such an event, while it was important to be cautious and aware, we were STILL safe to travel by plane.

So get out there and pick up a book err'body, learning something new is all the rage. Or at least it should be.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

D'you sign your words 'sin cera'?

The word sin cera comes from the Latin words sine (without) and cera (wax). Back in the day, say oh, thousands of years ago, sculptors would use putty, or a wax, to fill in imperfections or cracks in a sculpture instead of working out the kinks. If a sculptor was true, he would do his work sin cera, without wax, making his work sincere (a deviation of the works sine and cera in Latin).
       When we write letters and sign them 'Sincerely', it is likened to what the sculptors who were true in their work, symbolizing when we sign beneath that 'Sincerely' that our words are true and honest.

So if you still sign your letters and emails like this, do you stop and think to make sure your words are true?

Grey is a shade, not a color

 Tell me these shit's aint CUTE. I love the studded straps on these boots. And I'm feeling the grey too. Too bad I didn't have the money on me to snatch these right up quick status, but I will prevail. So look for the post with these on my feet. Can't give away the secret location of these, one of you birds' might snatch 'em from me!
(Excuse the wack date on the photos, I hate cameras that do that. . ._

Monday, November 9, 2009

wknd recap

This weekend was pretty dope, if I do say so myself. It wasn't so much as what I did that made it dope, it's the people I was with.
Friday night, Sammie, London, and her bf Dom headed downtown to check out the one event of some semblance of culture Phx has...lol...I don't sound bitter at all...
Sam and I checked out this skate deck art show going on at After Hours gallery, we both bid on a board we liked, the proceeds go to Autism, how can you not get down with that?!?

This is the board I bid on, done by an artist named Lorna Shaw. Very feminine, but minimalistic. I wantttttttt it. Any Phx dwellers should go check it out, the site is All Decks On Hand.

A certain somebody I know did this board, pretty fun, I like the purple on it.
I bought the dopest Miles Davis vinyl, Sketches of Spain, the music on it is wonderful. And It was there last time I went into Revolver Records, so I took it as a sign to buy the album. Lol.

Me and Sammie baby,,, she got a night off on her own while the baby daddy watched their wonderful baby Shea.

Met some new people that night ;) Was a very pleasant encounter, post up and chop it up with some new faces. Love making new...male friends. ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mmmm boy

 If you know what's up, I'm sure it's safe to assume you've seen the Vanity Fair shots of Robert Pattinson. These flicks above? They are the fuckin business let me tell you. That last shot with the untucked white button up, dark wash jeans, and cigarette? While he's lookin all rakish and handsome? MMMMMM.

Sorry, I was watching the Hills tonight online, and man, as sketchy as he is, I love me some Justin Bobby. While I still admired him in his scrub, long hair stage, the short hair is so much better. The dark hair paired with the light eyes gets me err time. And how's the bird in the last picture? She's gawjus.

Just a fluffy post today kids, not too much substance to this once.! LOL.