Thursday, October 1, 2009

a love letter via wall(s)

I stumbled on something new (to me) again and reading them makes me smile.

Love Letter is a mural arts project headed by Steve Powers and The Philadelphia Mural Arts program.
    It is literally a love letter painted between 63rd and 45th street on Market Street in Philly (You seen any of these walls D. love?)
       "The project encompasses 50 painted walls, a documentary film with scripted elements, a sign school and shop that will provide training for area youth and free signage for businesses on the market street corridor."

Most art, graffiti, whatever, always has a message, whether it is blatantly visible or not. Not these walls though. I love the fact that these walls are delivering such a sweet message. I'd love if a guy delivered me a love letter on a wall, haha! There would be rewards for such creativity... ;)


Check it out my females. -rio


  1. Rio, i LOVE THIS. i am jacking it! thanks lovely!

  2. OMG! this is thee sweetest! Ima hafta tell my hunnie he's slacknn N hes gonna hafta send me a a REAL love letter!