Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Affairs of the heart, pt. 2

art/photo cred:Dede

-Alright the powers that be, I did what I felt was best, jumped, took the risk, exposed feelings to Him1, and now we are just friends. How did THAT come to be.?!
-Still feel good about taking the risk though
-Dammit Cupid, lets get corny here, you know I would trade it all for Him1. keep that between you and I though.
-Is timing really everything? Probably. In most cases, this is true.
-Okay we can be friends, I'm going to take the mature, classy route, because I would rather have him in my life than not at all.
-However, to ensure some protection of heart, because now Him1 has a full knowledge(or close) of where I'm at, he will not be allowed to have his cake and eat it too.
 -Because, in the end, that'd only damage me, wouldn't it?

Yea, most likely. I got my eye on this. . . May be time to give somethingELSE, or a someoneELSE, a go.


  1. guys are idiots and sometimes it just takes time to realize they have somethin good...

  2. usually stories like this turn around... over a long long time, but they do.

    .... especially the second you become "unavailable" (whether because you met somebody else or you just got over it).

  3. oh the dilemas! love reading this btw. im in a confused spot also...going with the flow, just going with the flow...