Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part of a new familia: C.O.P.

(Edla's air maxes and C.O.P desktop)

Alright, I'll shine a bit more of light on some of the oppurtunity that has come my way, via some trill Australian mamas, Edla, Ivey, and the whole Can't Overstand Pussy/Crime's of Passion crew.
They are a premier Australian female arts/life publication, but were originally an all-female graffiti magazine. Being the smart, enterprising women they are, they decided they want to broaden their content and give shine to ALL sick nasty women of the world.
They were nice and liked what I had to say on Indie184's Kweenz Destroy blog, so Wham, bam, chance to write and voice rio the river's thoughts and shit via their channels. Pleased to be apart of the family at C.O.P. and contribute to their cause.

So check their shit everyone.!

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