Saturday, September 12, 2009

the 'Hot' friend

"And every time I think of staying wit her,
She bring that friend around that make a nigga reconsider"


Do you have a friend that is like the above photo here? Some varying level of breathtaking? Yes? Okay let's talk here.

I'd like to touch on a topic I'm sure all females from here to Russia has dealt with or worried about.

While we all love our friends and to us they are all pretty and witty bitches, we all have that friend who is that 'fine' friend. You know, the one that guys will ask 'Who was your fine ass friend?' Yea, THAT friend.

Perhaps she is one of those All-American, long blonde hair, big blue eyed type. She's got legs for days and she's smart. Or maybe she is one of those exotic ass breeds deriving from a Cuban-Brasilian-Columbian-Mexican backround with the endearing accent. Or a coffee-colored model-esque homegirl who's steelo can't be topped. Or she's the undiscovered Miss Universe. The list goes on.

I digress though, she's your girl. Her beauty has always been there, but what happens when you're trying to go out, or bring her as your wingwoman to meet somebody you got an interest in? Maybe you better put on your sexiest heels, or the piece of clothing that you work the shit out of like nobody's business, but are you a woman confident enough in herself to bring around the best looking friend you got?

And in saying that, you got confidence in your girl that she isn't going to lowkey make eyes at your 'man friend/interest' behind your back? Let's hope you do, she is your girl after all. If she's a solid friend, one you count on, there is no REASON not to.

I checked around with a few females, close friends, some that I work with, I got a mix of responses.
-'Yea if she's my girl, I can count on her.'
- 'I might be unsure to begin with, but she's my friend, she might be hurt that I'm even worrying about something like that.'
-'Hell no, if that's the dude I'm trying to get with/build something with/etc. it's going to be about me, I don't want to risk that.'

This is my take, you scope out your situation, the social setting, think about who the dude is, basically, be aware. You are a fly ass female, you got wit, you're a self made woman, so do the damn thing! It's natural to step back for a second and think 'Wait, do I bring them. . .' but really, step your shit up, bring your girl. She's counted on you, vice versa, if she's been worth having around, and continues to, it ain't worth sweating bout too much.

Besides, whoever you're trying to nab or impress, you know he's gonna go back and tell his boys, "Yea, ______ has fine ass friends, you needa come through next time." It'll make you look good.


  1. Yeah, if she's a good and trusted friend then I wouldn't worry. If the guy goes for her instead of me why would I bother with him anymore..?

  2. girl... you are THAT friend. hahaha.

    but seriously, this is totally me, i have a boriqua homegirl got the looks Cali just ain't ready for. it takes you back at first, makes you re-evaluate your insecurities and just how confident you are in yourself. but i love this girl, and it's always fun having my homies spit game at her.

    if anything, i find a blessing in not being the hottie friend in that, the guys who get at me are filtered, so i don't have to constantly have my guard up thinking every guy wants some ass type deal.

    anyways, hope this all finds you well!