Wednesday, September 9, 2009

dos fotos

I wanted to upload this photo first so it would be the first people would see one the blog updates, but please, take a moment. Yes I know you must all be thinking WTF??!??! Or maybe an 'Ewww?' Let me esplain it you...I see this box lying on the floor in my sister Willow's bedroom. I'm wondering why in the hell my 9yr old hermana has a box of tampons, I pop it open to sheckk, and wa-LA, It's full of toys.!
Does that make her a crafty, innovative little girl? Yes... I think it may. It just gave me a laugh...

Foto of la boca. . . Don't know if I like this. The angle? No doubt. The lip color? For sure. Maybe it's the editing...feel free to drop an honest ass opinion.

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