Monday, September 28, 2009

fin de semana

this weekend consisted of:
-a baby named Hennessy
-funnel cake, curly fries, tamales, water, and beer
-messicans preening in their finery, from cowboy boots to chapo cowboy hats
-forget that, lots of babies, none of which were mine, because I do not have one
-delicious cops patrolling at the fair
-delicious men that made much eye contact
-not so delicious men trying to make much eye contact, it's that damn machisimo
-many a laughs with the primas---> "You used ice for WHAT?!?!"
 -a calm state of mind
 -swells of love for the dope familia I have
 -and last but not least, a rendezvous ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't just google pics for THAT

Hah Ohh this photo. I wanted to throw this up because it makes me laugh but the purpose for it was pretty interesting. My girl Josselyn wrote a rather large and impressive article on human trafficking and she needed photos for it right?
One cannot just go to the AP website, or google photos on aforementioned human trafficking. So considering it was a feature story, we were allowed to get creative with the photos. Supposed to convey a girl being sold for money, which I think this photo does. Which maybe conveys prostitution more so, but that's what the ribbon is for, to indicate I'm trapped. Prostitutes choose their profession, not poor young girls who are kidnapped or made false promises.
Me and my legs are going to be on the front page!
I know my heels don't match the skirt, I forgot the heels that I meant to bring, so Joss just had these in the back of her car. Waste not, want not. :)

Note to J.L.

I'm probably going to end up taking this down maybe as quickly as I posted, but I just felt the need to express this real quick, in some sort of solid form. If I was going to leave him a little note, this is what it would say.

E-Post It
    I absolutely love the fact that you can inspire me and you also make me want to take your clothes off too. Your inspiration is seducing me and you got noooo idea. xo.

That's all.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Whatcha Got There

Found this on the back of my 20, thought it was kinda cool. Money graffiti, in it's own form. Gives me an interesting idea. . .  (keeping my nails short and au natural these days)

We all know cell phone flicks offer so much, but this is my backseat.There's an art show flyer there, um, a Vans shirt, a white high top chuck, with an empty juicebox stuff in the top of it, a green shirt. Think that's my black book under my chuck., I like all the items in this grainy picture.

Feed me this and I'm yours. Promise.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Straight Outta Hawaii

Every one's got their favorite photographers, we like them for this reason, or that reason. Well, here's one of mine, Brooklyn Hawaii. Anyone can snap a good photo, but with her, I feel like she captures such an essence from her models.

Her work has such quality to it and why do I feel like anybody that comes outta Hawaii is some kind of goddess? If these photos below aren't proof of that, I don't know what is!

( I love nightlife photos, check out the lights in the back round)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part of a new familia: C.O.P.

(Edla's air maxes and C.O.P desktop)

Alright, I'll shine a bit more of light on some of the oppurtunity that has come my way, via some trill Australian mamas, Edla, Ivey, and the whole Can't Overstand Pussy/Crime's of Passion crew.
They are a premier Australian female arts/life publication, but were originally an all-female graffiti magazine. Being the smart, enterprising women they are, they decided they want to broaden their content and give shine to ALL sick nasty women of the world.
They were nice and liked what I had to say on Indie184's Kweenz Destroy blog, so Wham, bam, chance to write and voice rio the river's thoughts and shit via their channels. Pleased to be apart of the family at C.O.P. and contribute to their cause.

So check their shit everyone.!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the 'Hot' friend

"And every time I think of staying wit her,
She bring that friend around that make a nigga reconsider"


Do you have a friend that is like the above photo here? Some varying level of breathtaking? Yes? Okay let's talk here.

I'd like to touch on a topic I'm sure all females from here to Russia has dealt with or worried about.

While we all love our friends and to us they are all pretty and witty bitches, we all have that friend who is that 'fine' friend. You know, the one that guys will ask 'Who was your fine ass friend?' Yea, THAT friend.

Perhaps she is one of those All-American, long blonde hair, big blue eyed type. She's got legs for days and she's smart. Or maybe she is one of those exotic ass breeds deriving from a Cuban-Brasilian-Columbian-Mexican backround with the endearing accent. Or a coffee-colored model-esque homegirl who's steelo can't be topped. Or she's the undiscovered Miss Universe. The list goes on.

I digress though, she's your girl. Her beauty has always been there, but what happens when you're trying to go out, or bring her as your wingwoman to meet somebody you got an interest in? Maybe you better put on your sexiest heels, or the piece of clothing that you work the shit out of like nobody's business, but are you a woman confident enough in herself to bring around the best looking friend you got?

And in saying that, you got confidence in your girl that she isn't going to lowkey make eyes at your 'man friend/interest' behind your back? Let's hope you do, she is your girl after all. If she's a solid friend, one you count on, there is no REASON not to.

I checked around with a few females, close friends, some that I work with, I got a mix of responses.
-'Yea if she's my girl, I can count on her.'
- 'I might be unsure to begin with, but she's my friend, she might be hurt that I'm even worrying about something like that.'
-'Hell no, if that's the dude I'm trying to get with/build something with/etc. it's going to be about me, I don't want to risk that.'

This is my take, you scope out your situation, the social setting, think about who the dude is, basically, be aware. You are a fly ass female, you got wit, you're a self made woman, so do the damn thing! It's natural to step back for a second and think 'Wait, do I bring them. . .' but really, step your shit up, bring your girl. She's counted on you, vice versa, if she's been worth having around, and continues to, it ain't worth sweating bout too much.

Besides, whoever you're trying to nab or impress, you know he's gonna go back and tell his boys, "Yea, ______ has fine ass friends, you needa come through next time." It'll make you look good.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Damn Gisele, all Ima say is, let me get like YOU. Hot ad. Unfortunately, the closest to claiming anything Brasilian is probably gonna be my is equal to rio de janiero. God didn't bless me to be from Brazil and 6 ft tall. LOL.

dos fotos

I wanted to upload this photo first so it would be the first people would see one the blog updates, but please, take a moment. Yes I know you must all be thinking WTF??!??! Or maybe an 'Ewww?' Let me esplain it you...I see this box lying on the floor in my sister Willow's bedroom. I'm wondering why in the hell my 9yr old hermana has a box of tampons, I pop it open to sheckk, and wa-LA, It's full of toys.!
Does that make her a crafty, innovative little girl? Yes... I think it may. It just gave me a laugh...

Foto of la boca. . . Don't know if I like this. The angle? No doubt. The lip color? For sure. Maybe it's the editing...feel free to drop an honest ass opinion.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hahah.... I always knew success came in small increments at a time....but if someone knows who you are via your writing a continent away, I'd say you are doing a little something right.

God bless the people that give you a chance, or in this case, me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

wknds montage.!

A photo montage of the past few weekends. . .

Zoltan(My Euro coke dealer) tried to eat me here. I think you can tell it didn't work. Just kidding, I don't do blow.

Stencils on the sidewalk, hell yea. Can you find me by my shoes?

An aqua colored loading door+fish eye= good combo.

Red Robin piccha pose.

Glasses only club. Lucky kept insisting on it.

And before I knew I was Mexican, I was under the impression I was Indian. At age 7, to me it was the only explanation as to why I had dark eyes, skin, and hair. Believe me, I was disappointed when I found out the truth.

versatility between valium and paint: Charlie Isoe

I saw the name Charlie Isoe in an issue of Format magazine back earlier this year, but didn't pay attention to it. Then more recently I saw a piece he did, linked the name with it afterward, and wa-la, I have yet again added one more artist who's art I have an undiluted appreciation for.
Quite the character though, bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, a valium or two have been known to be added to his drawings. If you check his work, it's almost like he blurs the line between fine art and street art. It's all about the delivery and Isoe is good at it, variating between canvas, walls, photo documenting.

Aziz Ansari Cracks On Mixtape DJs

I added this guy to my list of 'Potential BFFs I'd like to have' a LONG TIME ago...

You guys know the short Indian guy from the Human Giant, or maybe Parks and Recreation? He's been in Funny People, I Love You Man, etc. Apparently he's a close friend of Kanye West, and he's chosen a track from Yeezy/Jay Z to spit his own track of doggin on mixtape DJs who promote the shit out of a song to the point of ruining it. It's funny, give it a listen. Random shit+good backround track=never hurts.

Thank you Imeem.

Jay Kanye Hate (aziz ansari mix) -