Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Headin here in a few hours...

Any guesses? I know it's just some semi-cool skyline, bright lit skyscrapers. Headin to Detroit today in a few hours. Have a 4 hr flight to St.Louis, then a 3hr layover, then an 1hr45min to Detroit. I know I JUST took a vacation to SF with the fam, but this is a personal vacation of sorts. Got the time off from work, so I figure why not head out to MI to visit Teal and her parents, my aunt and uncle, who always keep me laughin. Plus the Nana is out here, so it just seemed like a win-win. She's outta rehab and back on the wagon,, and wittier than ever.
_detroit institute of art?
_Zingermans in Ann Arbor? Nothin like a good jew deli, ha
_Cooler weather vs Phx? You ALREADY know.
_good conversation with fam?
_time for me to think and reflect?
_gettin into trouble wif Teal?

CHECK. I've been on this lowkey feeling of suffocation here, and I think this will be good. Teal and I lookin nada alike though, Ima mixed Mexican, she's Italian, NO MATTER THOUGH. ha. Time to get shit crackin.

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