Monday, August 31, 2009

Sin Nombre

So my moviehead Carlos L. gave me the heads up on this flick and I followed up to see if it would be something I'm interested in. I'm a fan of foreign films and I gotta say, the plot line sounds amazing. The whole movie centers around two people, a young guy MS 13 kills his gang leader and on his way out of his area to escape the rough life, he meets a girl traveling with her father and tio from the Honduras traveling to the U.S., going up through central America through Mexico. In the middle of everything, the two young people fall in love. Watch the trailer, you'll see for yourself how gritty the flick looks and the plot of sacrificing to gain something is something we can all appreciate.

PLUS, the movie was made by these 3 attractive men... who are all award-winners... that's always a plus and a sign of a quality flick.
Cary Fukunaga

Gael Garcia Bernal

Diego Luna

***DVD avaliable 9/1****

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