Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Titi Freak-fusion of East meets West

Hot Damn. I love discovering artists that I had no previous knowledge of before. Introducing Titi Freak.
A native of Sao Paulo, Brasil with heavy Japanese ancestry, his art fuses both Western and Eastern cultures. Started writing graffiti in 1995, he's also shown fine art at galleries across South America, Europe, and Asia.
Just gander at this koi fish installation he did in Osaka, Japan. I mean, MAN. I'm blown away by it.

Then here in Kioto...

And I had to post this, maybe it's because I'm a female, but look at his cute ass baby.! I figured out it was his baby after browsing his blog, the whole thing is a mix of portugese and Japanese, but I saw many a pic of this sweet baby, so I figured. Lol. Titi's tall for a japanese mix man dont' ya think?


  1. he is pretty sick...where do you find these artists? just dropping by to say i just came across your blog and will def be a frequent follower, Its so refreshing to see a female with RELEVANT and versatile interests. THEREFORE- i added u to my links:) keep on writing chica, your posts are super inspiring.