Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Titi Freak-fusion of East meets West

Hot Damn. I love discovering artists that I had no previous knowledge of before. Introducing Titi Freak.
A native of Sao Paulo, Brasil with heavy Japanese ancestry, his art fuses both Western and Eastern cultures. Started writing graffiti in 1995, he's also shown fine art at galleries across South America, Europe, and Asia.
Just gander at this koi fish installation he did in Osaka, Japan. I mean, MAN. I'm blown away by it.

Then here in Kioto...

And I had to post this, maybe it's because I'm a female, but look at his cute ass baby.! I figured out it was his baby after browsing his blog, the whole thing is a mix of portugese and Japanese, but I saw many a pic of this sweet baby, so I figured. Lol. Titi's tall for a japanese mix man dont' ya think?
SF fam love...
In a mirrored elevator,,lol,, a tad smudgy a bit.

Bubba Gump Shrimp,, shittttt one of the best meals I had there. My bro's got a funny beanie on, but believe it came in handy against that SF wind.


Saw this guy MUSK's throwies/tags all over SF while I was there...homie got UP I tell you. I wasn't able to catch any flicks of his stuff on my own, but I def liked what I pulled up on Flickr.

He's got this mummy character that pics show he throws up with his tag often, I wish I had seen one of these around.!

Friday, July 10, 2009

man crush

I watched him in Snatch, I watched in him in Traffic...and yes, he is smoldering. To say the least. Mmmmmmm Benicio.

You all see this image? This tickled the SHIT out of me. My girl D, over at Diary of a Broke College Student, made this for me.! (My bday was jew-ly 8th) I love when people make me things, I always have held things that were handcrafted (or net-crafted, lol) in high regard, because it takes more effort than buying some shit from Urban Outfitters for your homegirl's birthday. And thanks to all the friends that wished me a happy bday, Kayta, Daniel, Garrett, Zoltan, everybody. More bday festivities this weekend when Joy gets back:)

But I've been on the hunt, literally and figuratively, for things that give me inspiration. Places, objects, words, people, and my future are just some of the things that just B R E A K me off when I think about them. Those things that take you to another place when you think about them or what they taught you or what you see in them.

A photographer who's work I really love, Keegan Gibbs took this shot on his trip to Bali recently. Bali, right after Spain, is on the top of my list of places where I will be going. I can think bout this place, and I get giddy. Lol.

My city, Phoenix. I love the downtown area, I love all areas, it's home. Always will be, but there are possibilities here. And Ima seek them out.

Inside of my newest fave joint, Carlys, downtown on what, 3rd St and somethin. Inside of this place has such a great ambiance, low lights, art on the walls, and a bruschetta that kills it. And it doesn't hurt that I've had amazing conversation here, so I'll be going back shortly.

Oh and the fact that Zach Galifianakis answered this question for Vanity Fair in the way he did...
VF: Although the movie doesn't come out until June 5th, there are already plans for a Hangover sequel. That's an awful lot of confidence from the studio. Do you feel the weight of Warner Brother's financial stability on your shoulders?

Z: Holy God what a question. I have heard rumors about a sequel, which would be a lot of fun. However, I have never given this a thought, that I might be bankrupting a studio. As long as I am protected financially I will be fine. That's why I've invested in The Von Dutch trucker hat company.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

like the Claw Money shirt says, brace yo self.
(like that toaster in back? LOL)

It's been a real interesting past coupla weeks. Lotta room for internal reflection and built awareness of self. Its the 4th of July and interestingly enough I am not out at some party or bbq, and at this point, I don't care. I've learned to rest now, I think. But believe I'm gonna see what I can get into though:)

Birfday is comin up, and I think we are gonna get some sushi poppin for it. :)