Monday, June 1, 2009


My brother was asking me if I had seen the trailer to this flick yet, and now I have. A version of Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie.! I am looking forward to this big time, comes out this Christmas. Robert Downey Jr. is shaping up to be a good choice, but man, did anyone ever picture some stodgy detective looking SOripped? Ha.!

Grabbed this from Keegan Gibb's portfolio, the Piece of Mind trailer. Hahah,,FCK the man. Check out Gibb's though, I've become a fan of his work, his current flicks of his trip in Bali? PROPER. Check him.

Piece Of Mind Trailer. from Keegan Gibbs . com on Vimeo.


  1. hahaha at the last bit. can't wait for this either. and yeah, he's pretty hot lol