Thursday, June 18, 2009


Whewwww,, it's been a second. I've jumped online to check my email and read things, but there seems like there hasn't been enough time to sit down and blog. Always requires a bit more thought, as it should. Lol.

The above flick is from the Dream/Keri Hilson concert this past Tuesday night. No digital camera, so I didn't manage to get any pics at the show, but it was real cool. Not a huge crowd, which makes sense, it was just the two of them, no one else, and the both of them are still what seems to be up on the come-up.
Keri Hilson is more of a interacter-with-the-crowd type, she talks to the crowd. The Dream, he's the performer. I'd say the both of them are transitioning incredibly well into the performing part of the music industry.

Just started this housesitting gig for one of my main's older sister's and husband. It's quite the house, not some grandiose casa, but it's very well decorated, with a pool. Who am I to complain, lol, and I'm getting paid to sleep here and play with their sweet dogs. Yeeeeeeee.

Updates to follow. I'm starting to organize the clutter in my mind. ; ))


  1. it's been a while!. oooh keri, i love her. was she good live? not a big fan of dream but his songs are cool. still puzzles me how he can get milian lol.

  2. I love house sitting! I have a similar gig next week at cool house with a pool, 2 dogs and a sick aquarium! OHH! I one-upped you! ;-)