Monday, May 4, 2009

the town of endless tortillas

I'm backkk. From my mini-hiatus down South. South of my city that is, not the actual South, lol. The above photo is the flyer for Maloi's solo art show in roughly, bout a month. He is about to KILLL it with the pieces he's been working on. Hot flyer isn't it? I'm proud of him, don't tell him that though, he might get all big-headed. :]

Yo, that drive down to Douglas was so needed. I don't know what it is about Douglas, but when I'm down there, I never trip. Open sky, family, endless tortillas (LOL), I calm down. Got to see my primo Alex, we sat on a church stoop smoking cloves (is this bad? Yea it might be, lol) chopping it up for a long time. He's a real smart guy, but got into some bad shit, and now he's kinda lost. He'll get it though.

So I'm back, bout to wrap shit up these next weeks, and I'm done for the semester. Hallejuiah. Check for mas posts later.!

P.s. I went to Mass for my prima's baby's baptism, and the Father was from the Republic of Congo, preaching to a congregation of Mexicans. Anyone find that a little funny like I do? Lol

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  1. The Father thing is funny...Im glad you took a mini vacay. YOu did need it! I need one now!