Friday, May 1, 2009


I been posting alot of photos and art pieces up as of late, but I can't forget to throw in my favorite thing of all time...WORDS.
I don't like seeing JUST blogs of all photos and shit, I like a nice mix-up mash-up of both.

Anyways. My weekend plans are up in air, it's a 50/50, and that bothersss me. I'm trying to head down to Douglas (aforementioned in other posts,, the town I'm from on the border), but fam is trippin because of the flu 'pandemic'. With the border checkpoint being RIGHTthere, all types of people traveling through, the concern is understandable.
But I believe it's a tad blown out of a proportion, and if one watches hygiene and steps carefully, for the most part, I believe things should be alright. The awareness is there in Douglas, I've spoken with my tias.
I need to get outta the city, get my mind right and breathe for a few. That's why I'm fighting so hard for this.
LOL,, some may think I'm sounding dumb...OHwell. Otherwise, I'll be here in the city workin' and catching First Friday.

I'm done rantin,, be easy everybody.


  1. "I need to get outta the city, get my mind right and breathe for a few."

    I know the feeling!

  2. Agree. damn the swine flu brouhaha has really got other people going gaga. I hope u do get your break, I know how it feels to just, well, take a breather for a bit.. don't slow down on the blog though- I love checking back whenever I get the chance ta :)

  3. GIRLIE, take your time out if you need it. just get you one of them swine flu masks :p