Monday, May 25, 2009

the new i l l times

Shorty is courageous, going through the stages . . .

I've had that track by Jadakiss "Smoking Gun", with Jazmin Sullivan on it, on straight LOOP for the past week or so. You all got somebody that would come with a smoking gun for you? You can take it as literal as you'd like, but somebody so down that they got you on a level like that, if need be?
I hope so, everybody should have someone like that in their lives for them. Forreal. I got a few people that immediately jump to the forefront of my mind.

Anyways, this past weekend has been so ILL. Been chillin with Joy since Thursday, helping her out since she's been crutch-ing it about. Chill atmosphere, and full of LAUGHS left, right, up, and down. Haha. If you were there, you know why. Shoutouts to the homies Eric && Lucky, and other new friends.

Heading here in July,, with the fam.

So geek'd for this trip. Last time I went to SF I was 13, and since then, it's left a hell of an indelible impression on me. Bombbb, authentic seafood (anybody in Phx knows we are good here for Mexican, but we ain't no costal city, the seafood isn't going to be THAT crackin here, lol.) I think we're going to be staying at a place over by Japantown...YEEEEE.

Anyways, on a random ass note, saw Frankie Muniz at my job on Saturday. You know the dude from Malcom in the Middle? Haha,, he is one short dude, hella tatted.


  1. I've had this song on repeat since you told me about it too.

    All good about the weekend IM convo's, I knew what was going on, AND I LIKED IT. Haha.

    MMMMMMMMMM seafood. SF would be UH-Mazing!

  2. havin fun? wow thats my song tho it is also on repeat. and i think i have that one who will come thru , i was thinking about that too lol

  3. ohhhhhh man I miss sf, that city is amazing, I'd move there if I could. hahaha at muniz, by tatted do you mean inked? I can't picture him looking like that lol...

  4. sf is king. japantown is my hood m-f. have fun.