Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graffiti is Grimy, part 2

"Things that make it easier to paint don't make you a graff artist." -Sinek

And we're backkk. Finally posting the second installment to Graffiti is Grimy, part 1. Time for a cup of real-ass tea in 'A Sit-Down with Sinek' by way of Phoenix. Haha. Stompin on toys and shaking off misconceptions of graff. He'll outright tell you he believes graffiti is dead. Dead like hip-hop? Yea.

Sinek believes there's a lot of kids writing who shouldn't be. Or at least they need to learn their history and pay their dues first. A toy would do good to listen to him. And it's Rusto, todo dia cada dia. All day every day. He's got more years of painting under his belt before you even considered graffiti an option.

Lets get to it...

1)Any major life moments concerning how you paint, why you paint, or anything with painting in general.
S: First things first, my crew is special. Back when I was 16yrs. old, Phrite, Guilt, and I were in the yard. They were done painting, I wasn't. We see a security guard, and we book it. I tripped and ate shit, was dazed on the ground. Guilt stops, picks me up, and drags me out so we don't get caught. Guilt was 18, and the dude came back for me. He coulda easily left me. That's when we became brothers, and I realized shit was about more than a crew. After gettin all bloodied up, we headed to a party.
2) Would you encourage your (future, haha) kids to write?
S: If my kids wanted to write, I'd show them. Better me than their peers.
3) You outright say graff is dead. Why.
S: When the internet got big, that was the death of graffiti. It used to be if you saw peoples work, it's because you were in the yard. Not 2 flicks on MySpace with a handful of comments. It used to be trading flicks like baseball cards and sending them via snail mail...old school cats still do it.
4) Run-in's with the law, it comes with the territory of writing; what have you dealt with.
S: I've never been caught. Had close calls, yea. Never caught though, and neither had Guilt(RIP) or Phrite(RIP).
**[In more or less words, Sinek greatly attributes this fact of having, and continuing (knock on wood) to pay his respects to the yard and knowing when to walk away if something just doesn't feel right. Listening to his intuition has helped him come a long way...]

5) I know you rep WA FACT, I've seen the tattoo, what's up with that.
S: It's the crew. Stands for Wrongly Accused Freeing A Captured Thought. WH, for Wall Haters (when we don't got trains, and we wanna paint, it's what we rely on. trains all day though.) Me, Phrite, Guilt, and we taught Resek. Full of heavy hitters, there are old men in it.
6) What aspects of graff are overrated to you.
S: Paint is overrated [aforementioned Montana, Belton, etc.]. Peoples styles. Peoples attitudes. To me, trying to make graff into a biz is old. Going corporate with it? No. If you can make some money off it, cool... but it's trendy now. Before, graff was a mystery. It's lost its mystery.

So there you have it. Truth. Maybe you won't agree, but like I mentioned in part 1, not an issue. You read, you learned, the end.


  1. Graffiti is one of my many loves.

  2. Good shit Rio, kind of an eye opener to people that don't see the art aspect of it. And the brotherhood. Illlllllll. ALways impressed, always.

    Im slanging some words on my page now. Readdd it up killa.


  3. thanks for your comment lovelyy, from now on im striving for a more positive outlook :)
    and maaaan, you wouldn't understand how much lame as graff tryhards there are here in aust. Last year, all of sydney basically went through a phase when graffiti was cool as hell, and you'd see even little 13 year olds tagging lame catchphrases or nicknames on their school diaries, they'd prance around local shopping centres smoking it up while in school uniform while they recruit other teenyboppers in their so called crew. Artists that you've interviewed and featured are the real deal. Sometimes I wish the tryhards here in aus would get shamed in the face because they're clearly not doing real graff artists justice.

  4. graffiti is not for the weak harted. . . LOME WAFACT KBSFam GET AT ME SINEK I KNOW U READ THIS.. kbsfambam@yahoo.com