Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girl I just want you to have a better life than me

It is Mother's Day and I've been thinking and been pondering on the sort of woman my mom is.

Lupita Angelina, she's such an enigma of a woman. As her oldest kid, there's still so much of her that is a mystery to me. To those who have read what mentions I've made of Douglas, the town I'm from, that place is key to what made her into what she is. I'm her only child that is also from the town that she is, the rest of my siblings were conceived(LOL)and born here in Phoenix, so I feel that bonds us in a bit of a particular way. Yet, as much as I love Douglas, I admire my mother for having the strength and knowledge to leave because she wanted her children to know a city of more oppurtunity in more ways than one. Takes courage to leave all you ever have known.
Her and I are both sarcastic as hell, it's a trait unique unto her. Her dislike for straight hair has her always getting perms, it makes me laugh. Watches her novelas religiously. Never missed a pride assembly or band concert of mine.
She's a pretty lively lady (albeit in a bit of a silly way at times), but she's very solemn with her emotions. Cries for no occasion, happy or sad. Pillar of strength at all times. She's solid, solid in her decisions, and solid in her love.
That's something other kids would kill for, to know that their mom's love is solid and it NEVER fluctuates. I used get scared when I was a nina that my mom would leave us because of how hard she worked for our family, and that she'd one day get sick of it all.

She's still here. And I thank the Lord everyday for that. I wouldn't be half the woman I am if it wasn't for her quiet encouragement.

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  1. sounds like an outstanding woman :) Can relate too. we're very fortunate to have such a close relationship with our moms.