Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a downtown vacation

I have decided this summer I'm going to do an in-city vacation. (I'll still make a trip or two out of Phoenix though :]) And I will be spending it at either the Hotel San Carlos or Clarendon Hotel. Lounge by the pool, not have to worry about making the bed, enjoy the fact that I don't have to clean this room up unless I choose to, and soak up a different environment. Who wants to be a part of my in-city vacay? You get to spend the night(s) with me... ;) haha.!

Help me pick.

Hotel San Carlos: It's in a premier spot, right smack between some skyscrapers downtown. Rooftop pool, charming rooms, and has a Hollwood-esque theme to it, due to it's star-studded previous guests, such as Mae West, Cary Grant, Jean Harlow, Ingrid Bergman, and more.
But perhaps the outside of the building looks vaguely like a mental asylum out of the 50s?

(Didn't find many pics of this san carlos joint)

Claredon Hotel: Also in the heart of Phoenix, in the Midtown Mueseum District (I was not aware Phoenix was large enough to have a mueseum district? Lol). More retro, rooftop bar/lounge area. No rooftop pool, but it's an amazingly nice one. I peeped it a journalism confernce mixer I went to here at the Clarendon. It's more swank, full of clean lines and bright colors. All standard rooms come with a king size bed, they don't try to stiff you here.Plus I remeber there is a fineeee front desy guy.

Prices for rooms?
San Carlos: 2 night promotion, save 20% off, total of $256...hmmm...
Claredon: 2 night stay, for a Standard Room King, $199, $99 a night.

I'm feeling the Claredon...


  1. sure thing let's go! :) lol oh man, I'd kill for a chill vacay right now. hahaha at the 50s mental asylum, it does resemble it quite a lot. Clarendon does it for me, that rooftop bar is hella chic and so is the whole damn hotel. And are those beds by the poolside I see????

  2. Yeah I like the claredon! I would so come with you if I had ways & means..

  3. my vote goes to claredon too!!! it has a mini mod feel to it. if you want a hollywood vacay, do the real thing! COME TO CALI! i'll give you a tour. =]

  4. Tisk, tisk, tisk. You should be saving for a Cali trip.