Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Charlie Edminston

Would you guess that by looking at these pieces that the artist who did them is color blind?
I understand that one can read the colors on a can of Belton, or perhaps on a tube of acrylics or oils, but still though. I am highly impressed with this, I feel for the artist that cannot see the brillance of his work. Lets give it up for Charlie Edminston. He chooses to 'embrace' his disability and focus largely on the color itself.


  1. wow. now that's impressive, just goes to say that the least expected people in this world can prove others wrong. I love how cool the tones are, he's quite gifted.

  2. This is impressive. Great seeing people with disabilities achieve success!

  3. Dope!! and inspiring-- we can always work through our disabilities indeed!