Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kenton Parker

New Seventh Letter artist Kenton Parker...a mixed media piece of his and I am REALLY feeling this. I mean, who doesn't love paint and tacos?

Chris Brown Jerkinnn

Guess it should come as no surprise that Chris Brown has his own youtube jerkin video's aighhhhhhhht I guess. Little dude in the red sneakers got it though.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beezy Come Back

I miss this smile. Beezy come back.! Lol.! Or do I needa come out to Dallas?!?!?

Monday, May 25, 2009

the new i l l times

Shorty is courageous, going through the stages . . .

I've had that track by Jadakiss "Smoking Gun", with Jazmin Sullivan on it, on straight LOOP for the past week or so. You all got somebody that would come with a smoking gun for you? You can take it as literal as you'd like, but somebody so down that they got you on a level like that, if need be?
I hope so, everybody should have someone like that in their lives for them. Forreal. I got a few people that immediately jump to the forefront of my mind.

Anyways, this past weekend has been so ILL. Been chillin with Joy since Thursday, helping her out since she's been crutch-ing it about. Chill atmosphere, and full of LAUGHS left, right, up, and down. Haha. If you were there, you know why. Shoutouts to the homies Eric && Lucky, and other new friends.

Heading here in July,, with the fam.

So geek'd for this trip. Last time I went to SF I was 13, and since then, it's left a hell of an indelible impression on me. Bombbb, authentic seafood (anybody in Phx knows we are good here for Mexican, but we ain't no costal city, the seafood isn't going to be THAT crackin here, lol.) I think we're going to be staying at a place over by Japantown...YEEEEE.

Anyways, on a random ass note, saw Frankie Muniz at my job on Saturday. You know the dude from Malcom in the Middle? Haha,, he is one short dude, hella tatted.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was standing in his kitchen staring into his backyard eating apple slices. He was behind me bent over his kitchen table painting.

Spanish angels and funky fresh. A very peaceful creative day. Yessssssssss.

Mas blog posts to follow up here soon.!

Hope everybody else's weekend is great., since mine started today. :)

Chuck Close painting
(**he does these by dipping his fingers in paint and uses his fingers on the canvas in place of brushes...Great American artist, wouldn't you say my artheads?)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The bigger the hoops

The bigger the hoe. LOL.

First things first, please believe this isn't my personal belief. "The bigger the hoops, the bigger the hoe."...That was a golden philosophy my 14 yr. old brother tried to hit me with the other day.
HAHA. I asked him why he said that, and he said that's how him and his friends viewed it. Said all the hoodrats at school wore, were big hoops. Now being the young cat he is, obviously he doesn't understand that with age, how big your hoops are of no matter.

It just seems like it matters, because the 14 yr. old girls he goes to school with are trying seem older. Lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Black Snake Moan

right now, straight up, because that's the way we like it.

I had to do it...
Yo, ever since I saw Idle Warship on WhattheHellz, I have been listenin to their tracks non-stop. Thanks Hellz. Please, if you didn't see the post, males&females alike can grove to this track. 2 fly ass femmes and Talib Kweli?! KILLER.

JR, sprucin up ghettos around the world

JR. Maybe some of you have seen his work, maybe some of you haven't. So I hope I bring some awareness around to you.
He takes photos, prints them on large posters, and finds various locations around the world to be a canvas. I love the focus he gives on through the eyes of his subjects. Eyes are the windows to the soul, que no? Shit's ill, plain and simple. The flicks below are from his work/show currently in Brazil.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graffiti is Grimy, part 2

"Things that make it easier to paint don't make you a graff artist." -Sinek

And we're backkk. Finally posting the second installment to Graffiti is Grimy, part 1. Time for a cup of real-ass tea in 'A Sit-Down with Sinek' by way of Phoenix. Haha. Stompin on toys and shaking off misconceptions of graff. He'll outright tell you he believes graffiti is dead. Dead like hip-hop? Yea.

Sinek believes there's a lot of kids writing who shouldn't be. Or at least they need to learn their history and pay their dues first. A toy would do good to listen to him. And it's Rusto, todo dia cada dia. All day every day. He's got more years of painting under his belt before you even considered graffiti an option.

Lets get to it...

1)Any major life moments concerning how you paint, why you paint, or anything with painting in general.
S: First things first, my crew is special. Back when I was 16yrs. old, Phrite, Guilt, and I were in the yard. They were done painting, I wasn't. We see a security guard, and we book it. I tripped and ate shit, was dazed on the ground. Guilt stops, picks me up, and drags me out so we don't get caught. Guilt was 18, and the dude came back for me. He coulda easily left me. That's when we became brothers, and I realized shit was about more than a crew. After gettin all bloodied up, we headed to a party.
2) Would you encourage your (future, haha) kids to write?
S: If my kids wanted to write, I'd show them. Better me than their peers.
3) You outright say graff is dead. Why.
S: When the internet got big, that was the death of graffiti. It used to be if you saw peoples work, it's because you were in the yard. Not 2 flicks on MySpace with a handful of comments. It used to be trading flicks like baseball cards and sending them via snail mail...old school cats still do it.
4) Run-in's with the law, it comes with the territory of writing; what have you dealt with.
S: I've never been caught. Had close calls, yea. Never caught though, and neither had Guilt(RIP) or Phrite(RIP).
**[In more or less words, Sinek greatly attributes this fact of having, and continuing (knock on wood) to pay his respects to the yard and knowing when to walk away if something just doesn't feel right. Listening to his intuition has helped him come a long way...]

5) I know you rep WA FACT, I've seen the tattoo, what's up with that.
S: It's the crew. Stands for Wrongly Accused Freeing A Captured Thought. WH, for Wall Haters (when we don't got trains, and we wanna paint, it's what we rely on. trains all day though.) Me, Phrite, Guilt, and we taught Resek. Full of heavy hitters, there are old men in it.
6) What aspects of graff are overrated to you.
S: Paint is overrated [aforementioned Montana, Belton, etc.]. Peoples styles. Peoples attitudes. To me, trying to make graff into a biz is old. Going corporate with it? No. If you can make some money off it, cool... but it's trendy now. Before, graff was a mystery. It's lost its mystery.

So there you have it. Truth. Maybe you won't agree, but like I mentioned in part 1, not an issue. You read, you learned, the end.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Laotian Gun-Totin Girls

Gnarly isn't it. This is the image, done by Marina Abramovic, for the current cover of Art in America magazine.

Not your public perception of a skateboarder

A Mr. Weston Colton did a series titled The Moral Minority. Highlighting on individuals who do not fit the public perception of a skateboarder. Commonly thought to be punks, lazy, stoners, vandals, anti-authority, skateboarders are so much more; Colton clearly shows this through his series.
I love the contrast of them in their day job uniforms with a photo next of them pushing wood. So creative. Click on the photos to enlarge them and take a better look.

Where The Wild Things Are production

Hell of a production.
Apparently it's been in the works, been done and re-done, tweaked and twak'd since 2001.
It's down on Melrose,, and considering I'm not out in Cali, makes sense that I haven't had a chance to peep this shit yet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girl I just want you to have a better life than me

It is Mother's Day and I've been thinking and been pondering on the sort of woman my mom is.

Lupita Angelina, she's such an enigma of a woman. As her oldest kid, there's still so much of her that is a mystery to me. To those who have read what mentions I've made of Douglas, the town I'm from, that place is key to what made her into what she is. I'm her only child that is also from the town that she is, the rest of my siblings were conceived(LOL)and born here in Phoenix, so I feel that bonds us in a bit of a particular way. Yet, as much as I love Douglas, I admire my mother for having the strength and knowledge to leave because she wanted her children to know a city of more oppurtunity in more ways than one. Takes courage to leave all you ever have known.
Her and I are both sarcastic as hell, it's a trait unique unto her. Her dislike for straight hair has her always getting perms, it makes me laugh. Watches her novelas religiously. Never missed a pride assembly or band concert of mine.
She's a pretty lively lady (albeit in a bit of a silly way at times), but she's very solemn with her emotions. Cries for no occasion, happy or sad. Pillar of strength at all times. She's solid, solid in her decisions, and solid in her love.
That's something other kids would kill for, to know that their mom's love is solid and it NEVER fluctuates. I used get scared when I was a nina that my mom would leave us because of how hard she worked for our family, and that she'd one day get sick of it all.

She's still here. And I thank the Lord everyday for that. I wouldn't be half the woman I am if it wasn't for her quiet encouragement.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Valencia, Spain. Who's coming?


Txts from last night

(887):I'm calling you out on twitter if you don't come over right now

(214): dude. I'm so drunk.
(972): pete, this is bryce's mom
(214): I can't wait to have my cock in your ass
(972): pete, this is still bryce's mom

(202): He's so far in the closet he's in Narnia

(678): why did i wake up with a kid named Raphael in my bed this morning?
(770): I dont know but you did call last night to tell me you found the last ninja turtle

Texts from last night.! I love this site.! It's giving me the best laughs.
Texts From Last Night

Mae West words

A quality Mae West quote...

"A man's kiss is his signature."

So damn true. It's the same for females too though. I've had some guy leave some bad signatures behind, LOL.
But at the same time, I've had some memorable ones. Hah. Probably more good then bad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

a downtown vacation

I have decided this summer I'm going to do an in-city vacation. (I'll still make a trip or two out of Phoenix though :]) And I will be spending it at either the Hotel San Carlos or Clarendon Hotel. Lounge by the pool, not have to worry about making the bed, enjoy the fact that I don't have to clean this room up unless I choose to, and soak up a different environment. Who wants to be a part of my in-city vacay? You get to spend the night(s) with me... ;) haha.!

Help me pick.

Hotel San Carlos: It's in a premier spot, right smack between some skyscrapers downtown. Rooftop pool, charming rooms, and has a Hollwood-esque theme to it, due to it's star-studded previous guests, such as Mae West, Cary Grant, Jean Harlow, Ingrid Bergman, and more.
But perhaps the outside of the building looks vaguely like a mental asylum out of the 50s?

(Didn't find many pics of this san carlos joint)

Claredon Hotel: Also in the heart of Phoenix, in the Midtown Mueseum District (I was not aware Phoenix was large enough to have a mueseum district? Lol). More retro, rooftop bar/lounge area. No rooftop pool, but it's an amazingly nice one. I peeped it a journalism confernce mixer I went to here at the Clarendon. It's more swank, full of clean lines and bright colors. All standard rooms come with a king size bed, they don't try to stiff you here.Plus I remeber there is a fineeee front desy guy.

Prices for rooms?
San Carlos: 2 night promotion, save 20% off, total of $256...hmmm...
Claredon: 2 night stay, for a Standard Room King, $199, $99 a night.

I'm feeling the Claredon...

Eric Hill, HypeBuilder

I'm way proud of my homie Eric Hill, he has recently been featured on the website Hype Skateboards. Eric has been apart of the hype and put on for UPF Boardshop here in Phoenix., and along with his real and genuine passion for skating, that's why he was featured. Big ups to you homie.!

Check the mini interview here

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Charlie Edminston

Would you guess that by looking at these pieces that the artist who did them is color blind?
I understand that one can read the colors on a can of Belton, or perhaps on a tube of acrylics or oils, but still though. I am highly impressed with this, I feel for the artist that cannot see the brillance of his work. Lets give it up for Charlie Edminston. He chooses to 'embrace' his disability and focus largely on the color itself.

Monday, May 4, 2009

the town of endless tortillas

I'm backkk. From my mini-hiatus down South. South of my city that is, not the actual South, lol. The above photo is the flyer for Maloi's solo art show in roughly, bout a month. He is about to KILLL it with the pieces he's been working on. Hot flyer isn't it? I'm proud of him, don't tell him that though, he might get all big-headed. :]

Yo, that drive down to Douglas was so needed. I don't know what it is about Douglas, but when I'm down there, I never trip. Open sky, family, endless tortillas (LOL), I calm down. Got to see my primo Alex, we sat on a church stoop smoking cloves (is this bad? Yea it might be, lol) chopping it up for a long time. He's a real smart guy, but got into some bad shit, and now he's kinda lost. He'll get it though.

So I'm back, bout to wrap shit up these next weeks, and I'm done for the semester. Hallejuiah. Check for mas posts later.!

P.s. I went to Mass for my prima's baby's baptism, and the Father was from the Republic of Congo, preaching to a congregation of Mexicans. Anyone find that a little funny like I do? Lol

Friday, May 1, 2009


I been posting alot of photos and art pieces up as of late, but I can't forget to throw in my favorite thing of all time...WORDS.
I don't like seeing JUST blogs of all photos and shit, I like a nice mix-up mash-up of both.

Anyways. My weekend plans are up in air, it's a 50/50, and that bothersss me. I'm trying to head down to Douglas (aforementioned in other posts,, the town I'm from on the border), but fam is trippin because of the flu 'pandemic'. With the border checkpoint being RIGHTthere, all types of people traveling through, the concern is understandable.
But I believe it's a tad blown out of a proportion, and if one watches hygiene and steps carefully, for the most part, I believe things should be alright. The awareness is there in Douglas, I've spoken with my tias.
I need to get outta the city, get my mind right and breathe for a few. That's why I'm fighting so hard for this.
LOL,, some may think I'm sounding dumb...OHwell. Otherwise, I'll be here in the city workin' and catching First Friday.

I'm done rantin,, be easy everybody.