Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Skaters Grow Up

New York Times just did a great feature article that was seriously a damn pleasure to read. When Skaters Grow Up featured couple Clare Bigbie and Jay Shapiro, a pair of skaters who met skating (obviously) and still maintain the lifestyle, along with grown jobs.

Now to some, maybe that doesn't sound appealing, but Bigbie works as an interior designer and 'aesthetic omnivore' and Shapiro, a bass player for a metal band (aka hesh kid? lol) along with odd jobs.

The article features the couple's love for pool skating and together how they designed and re-made their home in SanFran the ultimate dream, with an empty pool in the backyard for a good sesh.

" For his part, Mr. Shapiro was happy to meet a female skateboarder “who wasn’t a weirdo,” as he put it. “Claire was really cool. We would skateboard together, have a few beers. After that we were attached at the hip.”

(This quote made me laugh. He's basically referring to the skate rat groupies, and Clare was the real deal., no groupie there.)

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